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What To Do After A Diagnosis Of Autism?

Lexington Services has already covered in the past what to do and how to prepare for the initial testing phase your child might have to go through for a diagnosis of autism, but if you have already received such a diagnosis, it can be hard to know what to do next and all of the information you receive can be a little overwhelming. Often times there are many people that want to offer their “professional” opinions when parents and caregivers really need the opinions and advice of an actual professional. If your child has recently been diagnosed with autism, you must remember that you are not alone and that many parents have experienced this before, so there is a wealth of knowledge that is available as well as professional help and guidance from partners like the staff here at Lexington Services. As you move forward after a diagnosis of autism or ASD, there are some things you should expect and next steps you will need to take.

Don’t Shy Away From Your Feelings

First and foremost, it’s vitally important for parents to feel all the feelings that come after a diagnosis of autism. While science gets closer every day to understanding autism, as it stands now, a diagnosis of autism lasts a lifetime, so it’s understandable to be intimidated, scared and a little overwhelmed. Many parents report feeling a range of emotions including anger, sadness, guilt, confusion, denial and even relief at finally having some answers. Remember that all of these responses are natural and you must not suppress how you feel after a diagnosis of autism. Take time to process all of the feelings naturally and in a healthy way, without turning to feeling sorry for yourself. It’s important that you remember that, while guilt is natural to feel, there is no guilt to be placed or no one to blame. Process all the emotions, but know that you and your loved ones will move forward and be stronger for it. When you’re ready, it’s time to get to work.

Research, Research, Research

All parenting takes research, but after a diagnosis of autism or ASD, research is going to be important. You are now the biggest advocate for your child and your careful attention, research and diligent note taking will make your child’s life easier. Don’t take every word that every person tells you or every theory about the causes of this condition to heart. Talk to a dedicated and sympathetic medical professional and follow accredited research. If you are doing diligent research, you will come in contact with toxic resources, useless debates and seriously negative perspectives on the possible outcomes for people with autism. Avoid these pitfalls and speak to a professional with some experience if you are having trouble moving forward. Our staff at Lexington is always available for contact.

Find A Network

In many ways there has never been a better time for a child to be diagnosed with autism. There is a wealth of knowledge that exists about autism and the best practices from parenting to dietary needs to education across many platforms. The digital age has helped create stronger and more communities of parents, caregivers and professionals to connect. That’s why it’s important after a diagnosis of autism for you to find a network to plug into where other parents can share their experiences and help you with next steps.

Connect With The Right Kind Of Professionals

While there are a lot of professionals whose practices are adjacent to autism care, research and treatment, there are many that are not sympathetic to parental or family needs after a diagnosis of autism. A knowledgeable and caring staff of therapists, educators and caregivers will be critical to your child’s development. That’s why Lexington Services strives to provide support for our members in every aspect of their lives, so they can achieve their goals and live a fulfilled life. You and your loved ones shouldn’t feel lost after a diagnosis of autism. You should feel supported, something you can find at Lexington Services. Contact a member of our staff today at 480-900-1009.

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