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Kuska Autism Services Now providing ABA Therapy

  • Kuska Autism Services is now offering in-home and community-based ABA Therapy across Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah counties.

  • Our team brings years of experience delivering ABA Therapy for individuals in early intervention through adulthood.
  • We are paneled with several major insurances and growing that list each day. We also accept out-of-network and private pay options.

Available DSPD In-Home Services in Utah

Kuska Autism Services is currently contracted with the Division of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD Services) to provide in-home DSPD services in Utah, starting in Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah counties.

Services offered include:

Supported Living Services

Supporting the member to live as independent, self-determined lives as possible, integrated into their community. Examples include: personal care (e.g., eating, bathing, and dressing), homemaker and chore tasks, advocacy and self help, communication and socialization, personal finances (e.g., keeping track of money and bills), and accessing community services and resources.

Behavior Consultation Services

Meet the Team

James Stubbs

CEO of Kuska Autism Services

Utah local James Stubbs has led the expansion as CEO of Lexington Services Utah, now Kuska Autism Services. Stubbs graduated with an MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and an undergraduate degree at Brigham Young University. In his career and schooling he has focused on mission-driven internships, projects, and volunteer opportunities to serve underrepresented or underserved populations, including:

  • social impact investing
  • small business workshops for local Native American new and current business owners
  • access to higher education for students who were first-generation, cultural minority, or of low-socioeconomic status
  • innovative corporate partnerships with local United Way chapters
  • crowdfunding for micro-entrepreneurs in the Philippines

“Throughout my career and education, I have come to recognize that business is one of the best vehicles to positively impact not only our world as a whole, but also the lives of individuals,” said Stubbs. “Lexington Services has a strong track record of providing successful services to those with autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities, and I am excited to carry on its reputation to Utah.” Stubbs’ career spans various finance and strategy roles across multiple industries and business models, including durable goods, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, health insurance, and religious/non-profit

Jessica Navel

Clinical Director

Jessica Naval graduated from BYU in 2013 with a degree in Recreational Therapy. She completed an internship at a community recreation center, which focused on inclusive recreation for individuals with disabilities. At an adaptive summer camp for that internship, she met and quickly connected with a young boy with autism. It was at this point that she decided that working with individuals with autism was her passion and she would continue in that field moving forward.

She began working at a variety of treatment centers for individuals with autism, and in 2017, she graduated from ASU with her Masters in Education. That same year she passed her national boards and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She has been working in the field for 7+ years and has only increased in passion and drive for helping those with autism.

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Kuska Autism Services is a member of the Utah Association of Community Services, a non-profit organization “with over 40 member agencies in Utah [that] serve over 5,000 people with developmental and other types of disabilities in over 400 locations throughout Utah.”

Learn More About Kuska Autism Services

ABA Therapy in Utah

Over several decades, research has shown the effectiveness of ABA therapy, also known as Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy. At Kuska Autism Services, we have built an incredible home and community-based offering for ABA therapy in Utah. We feel that ABA therapy services are vital, and we encourage you to continue reading to find out more about what we offer.

What Is ABA Therapy?

The scientific study of behavior is called behavior analysis. ABA therapy, or Applied Behavior Analysis, is a therapy drawn from the science of learning and behavior. Behavior analysis helps people understand how behavior works and changes, how it is affected by one’s environment, and how learning occurs. In these terms, behavior means the actions and skills we use to play, talk, and live. These therapies draw on this theory and seek to apply behavior analysis to everyday, real-life situations and events. The overall goal of ABA therapy, and why we feel it is so important, is because it helps to decrease harmful behaviors and increase helpful behaviors. Through therapy, individuals can learn and practice these helpful behaviors and skills, leading to a better quality of life.

What Are the Benefits of ABA Therapy?

Thousands of published research studies have shown just how effective ABA Therapy is over the span of several decades. This is precisely why we at Lexington Services believe in this therapy and are working to create top-of-the-line ABA therapy resources in Utah. “Where has ABA therapy been shown to be effective?” you might ask. ABA has helped various populations including people living with developmental disabilities, learning disorders, and mental illnesses. This has been used in a wide variety of different settings as well, such as schools, in the home, group homes, hospitals, centers of business, institutions, and more, further solidifying its effectiveness.

How Is ABA Therapy Beneficial?

You may wonder how ABA therapy will be helpful to our community. Through starting this new business in Utah through Kuska Autism Services, individuals living with different abilities can access concrete therapy to enact real-life change and progress. Here are some of the ways in which ABA Therapy can be beneficial:

  • It works to reinforce behaviors to increase social interactions.
  • ABA teaches new, adaptive living skills, including social, language, communication, academic skills, and more.
  • ABA helps individuals to maintain these new, learned behaviors, such as self-control and many other job or workplace-related social skills.
  • ABA helps to reinforce transferring behavior to and from different environments.
  • It helps to identify, modify, and avoid conditions that ignite harmful behaviors.
  • A reduction in interfering or harmful behaviors, such as aggression, oppositional, self-harm, or self-stimulatory behaviors, is shown to be effective through therapy.

Research has shown that ABA Therapy is incredibly valuable and effective in improving behavior, overall. By teaching and reinforcing socially significant behaviors and skills, therapy through ABA is proven to be the best and most reliable form of a therapeutic and educational intervention for individuals living with autism and different abilities.

ABA Therapy in Utah Through Kuska Autism Services

We at Kuska Autism Services are readily able to offer a solution to the waitlist for those services. Through our private pay and private insurance options, you will not have to wait for help or therapy that you or a loved one needs and deserves. We have developed an ABA program for autism that is highly specialized and tailored to meet the needs of each individual. ABA therapy in Utah through Kuska Autism Services is an incredible opportunity to begin therapy and see the benefits, including but not limited to, independence, daily functional skills, and social skills much sooner than you may have anticipated. Contact us today to learn more about our services and get the help you need today.