Mesa Therapy Sensory Gym Before Renovations

Lexington Therapies is a fun and engaging atmosphere for those with disabilities to receive therapy services. Director Dallin Webster oversees the programs and therapists and has found that creating an environment for children to feel comfortable and engaged will provide the best results. 

Lexington Therapy has two locations; one in Mesa and one in Phoenix. Both centers went through renovations in 2020 to improve both the services offered and the facilities. Both renovations had different purposes, but both have beautiful outcomes and provide families better services for their children.

The Mesa location was renovated to bring more life to the center. When Lexington first moved into the building, it did not reflect Lexington. The colors were dull, and it did not “scream children.” To make matters worse, the previous sensory gym was small. The facility also lacked equipment that could better children during therapy.

In March of 2020, the opportunity came to expand the facility by connecting with the suite next door. With great support and a plan in mind, the renovations began for expansion. A wall was knocked down to join the suits, the walls were painted, and the rooms were updated to reflect the therapy they accommodate.

Now upon visiting the Mesa Therapy location, families will experience vibrant colors, a larger sensory area, and purple carpet to tie it all together. 

“For whatever reason, I love the carpet,” commented Webster. “That carpet brings it all together. It’s a fun purple, and it was a big risk when we picked that carpet out. We had no idea how it would look when it was all laid out, but now, it screams this is a place for kids and that this is a clean and safe environment.”

Disney Pixar characters line the walls, and members can experience a beautiful treasure hunt art mural along the hallway. More therapists have been hired to fill the new offices, and the music department has blossomed to the point of having a waitlist. 

The Phoenix location is no exception. The renovations there began in early fall when Webster expanded to include another part of the building. He found it was a great time to renovate the space for safety and upgrade purposes. The Phoenix location did not need more space but better functionality to utilize the space more efficiently. 

Mesa Therapy Sensory Gym After Renovations

Now, the Phoenix location has renovations and improvements both inside and out. Inside the therapy center, families will now find

  • more offices to accommodate more therapists and children
  • an expanded music department
  • an upgraded sensory room

Outside the therapy center, members will see

  • a security fence
  • freshly painted walls
  • brand new signage 
  • added security around the center

“My favorite part in the Phoenix location is what we recently did,” said Webster. “We added a new wall to create room for new employees, and I love adding members to our team. So now we can hire more people, and we can service more kids. It gives us the opportunity to help even more!” 

These renovations have made families feel safe, secure, and help ensure the high-quality services their children receive are better than ever.. Parents are seeing these spaces and know that Lexington Therapy is helping their child meet their goals and highest potential.

Meet the Director of Lexington Therapy

An Arizona native, Dallin Webster grew up the middle of three kids in Mesa and graduated from Mesa High in 2006. From 2007 to 2009, Webster served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Fresno, California. Since then, he has received his Associate’s Degree from Mesa Community College (MCC) and is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Family and Human Development from Arizona State University (ASU). 

Director Webster is married and has two children diagnosed with autism, and attends various therapies. He enjoys everything and anything Disney and watching and playing basketball.

Since 2010 Webster and Harrison Rogers, the founder, and CEO of Lexington Services, have been close friends. During 2019, Webster was a stay-at-home father working closely with his children and assisting them in their growth through attending therapies. He was contacted and offered the Director of the Therapy program in December of that same year and has been working hard since making Lexington Therapy Services a significant staple and benefit to the Mesa and Phoenix communities. 

“I grew up in this neighborhood,” said Webster. “It brings me an abundance of humility and joy to be serving this community now in my adult years!”

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