Lexington Services has expanded its services to Utah.

Having first met in 2020, Founder and CEO Harrison Rogers spoke with James Stubbs, a Utah Local, about potentially expanding Lexington Services to the state of Utah. Stubbs was immediately excited about the idea of serving individuals and their families who often find themselves underserved in our society.

“I couldn’t be more excited to have James leading our Utah expansion. He has a stellar track record of helping grow mission-driven organizations of different sizes,” Rogers said. “Most importantly, he has a passion for our specific mission and the families we serve. I can’t think of a better partner for this phase.” 

Available In-Home Services

Lexington Utah will begin with In-Home Services and will soon add ABA Therapy to their list. 

Lexington Services is currently contracted with the Division of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD) to provide in-home services in Utah. They will start in Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah counties. 

Services that will be offered include:

  • Respite: provides relief to the Person’s usual caregiver
  • Companion Services: one-on-one non-medical care, support, socialization, and supervision, including assistance with daily household tasks and accessing community services and resources 
  • Personal Assistance Services: personal assistance and supportive services specific to the needs of the Person, including daily living care
  • Supported Living Services: Supporting the member to live as independent, self-determined lives as possible, integrated into their community. Examples include personal care (e.g., eating, bathing, and dressing), homemaker and chore tasks, advocacy and self-help, communication and socialization, personal finances (e.g., keeping track of money and bills), and accessing community services and resources

Lexington Services Utah is also a member of the Utah Association of Community Services, a non-profit organization “with over 40 member agencies in Utah [that] serve over 5,000 people with developmental and other types of disabilities in over 400 locations throughout Utah.”

Meet James Stubbs

Stubbs graduated with an MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and received his undergraduate degree at Brigham Young University. He focused on mission-driven internships to serve underrepresented or underserved populations, including: 

  • social impact investing
  • small business workshops for local Native American business owners
  • access to higher education for first-generation students, cultural minority, or of low-socioeconomic status

Stubbs’ career spans various finance and strategy roles across multiple industries and business models, including durable goods, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, health insurance, and religious/non-profit. 

“Throughout my career and education, I have come to recognize that business is one of the best vehicles to positively impact not only our world as a whole, but also the lives of individuals,” said Stubbs. “Lexington Services has a strong track record of providing successful services to those with autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities, and I am excited to carry on its reputation to Utah.”

For more information regarding Lexington Services Utah, please contact utahinfo@lexingtonservices.com or visit www.lexingtonservices.com/utah.

Lexington is very excited about this expansion and the services that are to come in Utah! Stay up to date on our social media for more updates as we grow and expand.