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We are committed to creating the best quality of life possible for our students. With multiple school locations for children with autism, we provide evidenced-based practices, structured learning, standards-based curriculum, sensory integration, and behavior modification.

“I couldn’t be happier with Lexington. It’s more than a school with great teachers and caregivers, it’s been a new life for my son.”

Richard Roe, Parent | Mesa Campus

“The Life Academy is probably the best school that my daughter has been in and is the only school that she looks forward to going to and no longer fights me to stay home.”

Sharron Carstens, Parent | Show Low Campus

“Lexington has opened many doors for our son and we believe it will only continue to grow into adulthood.”

Jennifer Barker, Parent | Mesa Campus


Each day we strive to develop a variety of life skills through lessons, field trips, activities, and therapies by enhancing the strengths and supporting the needs of our students.


Yoga offers kids a chance to learn ways to self calm and improve body awareness. The postures and movements help improve balance, coordination, focus and concentration. With mastery of skills comes improved self confidence and self esteem.


Skilled Occupational Therapy services are provided to assist students who struggle with fine motor, visual motor, emotional regulation, or sensory processing difficulties.
Speech Therapy


Speech and Language services are provided weekly to assist students with delays in articulation, overall intelligibility, pragmatic, expressive, and receptive language. Functional communication is an essential and critical part of what we help students achieve here at Lexington Life Academy.


We care for children, protect their welfare, prepare them for the future and the most important issues we face during our lifetime.

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Contact us to schedule a tour of one of our locations. With multiple locations throughout the state, we hope to provide close traveling access for your family.

Be A Part Of Every Child’s Future

Become an Educator

Be A Part Of Every Child’s Future

Become an Educator


Contact the campus closest to you and schedule a tour. The principal and administrative staff can assist with the enrollment process. If you have a student that you would like the district to consider placing at Lexington, reach out to your district representative and inform them that you would like your child to be placed at Lexington.
All students at Lexington receive Speech and O.T. services. We use a push in model to deliver therapy service and have our therapists push into the classroom and community activities. We find that when we deliver services in the student’s natural environment it helps student to better generalize the skills being taught. Of course we do have pull-out services for those that have that need.
“When tuition changes, which periodically we meet as an organization and determine if a tuition change is needed; if a tuition changes is needed we do our best to minimize the impact it has on our families and students. As always, we strive to work with every family and every unique situation or circumstance!
We usually begin the school year during the first or second week of August usually on a Wednesday of the new school year. We will have a parent night the Tuesday before where you and your child will be able to come and meet your teacher and talk about all the wonderful things that are planned for the up-coming year.
Lexington Life Academy does not have a government lunch program at this time. With the range of student dietary needs and restrictions it is much easier for families to provide a school lunch for their child. You may bring a cold or hot lunch; if you bring a cold lunch please provide an ice pack so that the meal can stay chilled. We do not have a refrigerator that can house a schools worth of student lunches. However we do have a microwave and we are willing to heat food up and teach these skills too. We do not have lunchtime access to a conventional oven, so please avoid bringing in things that need to be baked, boiled, or broiled.
Lexington Life Academy works to provide the best educational opportunity for your child. Every year we look at our classrooms, teachers, and staff among various other things. Our intentions are to provide positive educational outcomes, and with our current mission of “Child First and Always” we do find it necessary to make adjustments that are intended to benefit your child and bring out their maximum potential. Meet the teacher night usually occurs the evening before the first day of school. We find this especially useful in preparing our students for any changes in staff from the previous year as well as to learn what to expect for the 2018 school year.
Lexington provides 1:1 services for students who require specialized behavior interventions, modifications, and support. Our goal at Lexington is to provide intensive behavioral support and to fade from the 1:1 supports over time. This process can happen rapidly or take considerable amount of time. All 1:1 services are made based on data and data must support the need for this level of support.
With the population of our schools and the heightened interest of families wanting to attend Lexington Life Academy it is extremely difficult deciding who we will accept and in what order. The only fair and reasonable way to determine this is to create a waiting list that follows the rules of first come first serve. If you do not complete your packet on time and reserve a seat we cannot guarantee a spot for your child for the next school year.

We have a 1:4 classroom ratio and max our classrooms out at around 12 students. If we have 12 students in a classroom we will have 3 paraprofessionals and then the teacher. There would be 4 staff members in the room including the teacher. This allows for maximum levels of support and really allows us to individualize our curriculum and deliver small group instruction. This level of support really allows students to make maximum levels of progress.

Lexington has developed the LACES model for classroom structure, LACES is a classroom structure that enables students to really settle in and gain an understanding of their environment and the classroom expectations. LACES, which stands for Lexington’s Autism Classroom and Environmental Structure has really helped students to not only transition to Lexington from their previous placement, but to flow seamlessly through their day. Each classroom uses the same system so regardless of grade level or age if the system is consistent through their journey at Lexington.
Lexington believes that there is not just one approach to working with students on the spectrum. We use multiple evidence based practices, methodologies, and standards; as well as our own proprietary approaches to reach and teach students.
Lexington has a traditional academic and transitional focus high school program. Our high school programs delves into some of the realms explored in the other programs such as job readiness, and career exploration, etc. However there is a more traditional approach to exploring standards based academics and transition.
Lexington offers extra curricular activities in the form of clubs. Our clubs are geared around fun and prosocial activities. Some of the clubs we have had in the past include Lego club, Pokemon club, STEM, club, competitive sports club, leisure sports club, hip hop dance club, theatre club, gardening club and our most popular video game club. Our goal is that students will partake in an activity that another student shares a common interest in and the students can form a friendship that will continue outside of school where students and families can be brought together developing social skills on campus, in the community, and most importantly in the home.
In order to attend Lexington Life Academy, your child must be enrolled in an Arizona public school or public charter school for 100 days the previous school year starting the first day of school in August. They must have an Arizona IEP as well. There are some exceptions for the 100 day rule, and these would include activity duty military families who have been transferred to Arizona. This would also include pre-school and kindergarteners.
A medical diagnosis is a diagnosis that has been given by a medical professional. An educational diagnosis is given by a public school or public charter.

Unfortunately, your child would need an educational diagnosis of autism, as we are a system of schools that work specifically with children who are diagnosed with autism.

Yes, MDSSI would be a diagnosis that we accept along with autism.

There are several funding sources available. Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA), School Tuition Organization (STO), and private pay options are available. If you are interested in one of these options please reach out and we can assist with applying and obtaining these scholarships.

The school district of residence is responsible for conducting MET evaluations and diagnosis. If you are currently attending and are looking to update your child’s MET, please reach out to the district that is in your area of residence.
Lexington is an ABA driven school. We use ABA techniques to assist students with skill acquisition as well behavior modification. ABA is a system of techniques and approaches that assists individuals with autism to gain their independence in all aspects of life.
Lexington has cameras at most of its campuses and in most of its classrooms. Administration, parents, and teachers use these cameras to help students grow and be independent. We can look back at the cameras and create many learning opportunities as well as monitor potential behaviors identifying antecedent behavior from macro-perspective.
Lexington typically accepts only students diagnosed with autism and related disorders. Yes, Lexington only accepts students with Autism. Though we are equipped to work with any disability type as a lot of our techniques have proven to be successful working with individuals with cognitive disabilities; however, at this time we are only accepting students with an educational diagnosis of autism or MDSSI.
Yes, Lexington Life Academy accepts students placed by a public school district or charter school. We are equipped to work with Level D placements, as well as others. If this is of interest to you, please reach out to your child’s district representative and schedule a placement tour.
Lexington Life Academy conducts IEP meetings and writes comprehensive IEP’s that really detail the student’s present levels. Lexington Is highly individualized and you will find that our IEP’s and the processes we use to determine students present levels and goal creation is far superior to what a district can evaluate and offer, as our specialization is working with students on the spectrum and we do not have to focus on every diagnosed disability area, we only focus on one, autism.
Transportation to and from Lexington Life Academy is available. There are 3 options for you to choose: Option 1: Your child is enrolled in our before or after school programs which is through DDD, more specifically DTT or respite for transportation costs to be covered. Option 2: A transportation fee of $80 per month will be billed a month in advance for transportation services (we have options for families who are experiencing hardships, please inquiry at intake) Option 3: You may transport your child. Parent drop off and pick up is 15 minutes prior to school beginning and ending.

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