Reviewing 3 Inclusive Pixar Short Films on Disney+

Reviewing 3 Inclusive Pixar Short Films on Disney+ Pixar animation studios is likely responsible for the formative understanding of the world for millions upon millions of children. Before making some of the most beloved animated films ever created, the studio started making its name by making short animated films. Pixar short films are now legendary, ...

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LEGO Therapy Benefits For Kids With ASD

LEGO Therapy Benefits For Kids With ASD Millions of kids have discovered the joys of LEGO® products and will spend some time in the next few days erecting LEGO creations. It’s a universally beloved toy, simple in its most basic form and yet can be used to make massive, complex structures and dioramas. LEGO ...

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8 DIY Halloween Activities For Kids On The Spectrum

It’s almost time for the Trick-or-Treaters to descend upon the streets in search for candy. Are you still having trouble getting your young ones in the spirit or have you just not had time to come up with any ideas? Lexington has compiled a list of several DIY Halloween activities that are perfect for families ...

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6 Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer

Summertimes in Arizona can be brutal and no one likes dealing with the warmth, but for kids with sensory reactivity and limitations, summer can be a difficult time to deal with. Some kids love the heat and some kids might find the heat to be torturous, especially during the middle of the summer, when temperatures ...

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Safety Tips For Parents Of Children With Autism

Often times parents and family members of children with autism aren’t aware of the complexities that are posed by everyday encounters. Activities or tasks that have some inherent risk are so commonplace that people often forget how their loved one might interact with the world differently. While it may be grim to look at the ...

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Encouraging Good Eating Habits For Children With Autism

It is relatively common for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to demonstrate severe eating problems. In fact, children with autism are five times more likely to struggle with eating issues compared to their neurotypical peers. Parents of children with autism often seek reliable information and advice about how to encourage and instill healthy eating ...

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