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Why Programs For Adults With Special Needs Are So Vital

In 2016, The American Community Survey (ACS) estimated that at least 13% of people in the U.S. are living with disabilities. While rates of disability go up with age group and the most common disabilities involve mobility and motor function, many of the adults in that group are living with developmental disabilities. Considering that nearly 64% of adults with disabilities are either unemployed or underemployed, it’s surprising that there aren’t more programs for adults with special needs.

In Arizona, it’s estimated that 11% of adults are living with disabilities. Adults with developmental disabilities in this community need support from their neighbors so they can join the workforce, go to college, pursue their hobbies and generally enjoy a better quality of life. The goal of facilities like Lexington Learning Center, is to provide people a pathway to their own success and to help foster a sense of community through programs for adults with special needs. That’s why the Lexington Learning Center was created.

Why We Need These Programs

The fact is that programs for adults with special needs are vital because they are a portion of our population that tends to get forgotten or marginalized. Here are the facts from the 2016 ACS survey:

  • Only 35.9% of individuals with disabilities were employed as opposed to 76.6% of their peers without disabilities.
  • The median income for people working with disabilities was only $22,047, while their peers without disabilities were making $32,479.

What these statistics seem to indicate is that there is a need for programs for adults with special needs to support their quality of life and boost their skills so they can pursue the same opportunities that their peers without disabilities are pursuing. Whether these programs for adults with special needs are designed to instill career skills or these programs are designed to help them develop social skills through community involvement, the individuals in this community need a safe and welcoming place to grow.

Programs At Lexington

Lexington Services offers programs for adults with special needs that are inviting, fun and actually help members to expand their skills. Our staff engages members with a variety of activities, both in-center and in the community, to improve skills and help members reach their goals. The adult program at Lexington is, as some members have described it, awesome! Here is a cool video about our newest expansion in Phoenix!

A short little blog about our programs for adults with special needs is not going to be able to speak loud enough to display how great this program is. Lexington just opened its doors on the Phoenix adult program and we want you to come see. Contact us at 480-900-1009 today to schedule your tour or send an email to

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