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Why People Choose Lexington

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As an Arizona parent or a guardian looking for services, therapy, or educational options for your child with autism or other developmental disabilities, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Perhaps you’re a parent that is fed up with the public special education programs where your child is currently enrolled. Maybe you’re looking for respite services for your family or therapy options that work for your child and your schedule. You could be looking for behavioral health solutions for your loved ones. Whatever you are searching for, Lexington is here for you.

Lexington Services provides support and service for individuals with autism, developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and behavior disorders. At Lexington, we promote choice, dignity, and independence at all levels of development from early intervention to provisions for independent living. Lexington provides members with reputable educational, therapeutic, and consulting services through evidence-based practices that we value. If you have been considering a school change for your child or you’re looking for services for a person with special needs, Lexington Services is the best option for your loved one. Here are some reasons why.

A Leader In Autism Education

Lexington Life Academy provides for the educational future of students with autism. These students have traditionally been underserved in public school education programs, competing with large classes of peers for educational resources and the attention of their teachers. At Lexington, we take pride in small classroom sizes and education professionals that work hard to integrate unique solutions into their teaching to help students with autism learn. Classrooms are structured based on how our students learn, so Lexington can help students that are low functioning and non-verbal or high-functioning and articulate. Teachers guide students through curriculum that helps them learn and build life skills. The spectrum is wide and no one person on the spectrum is the same, but they all deserve the attention and provisions that help them learn. Lexington focuses on evidence-based practices while providing structured learning, standards-based curriculum, sensory integration, and behavioral health solutions.

Commitment To Service

At Lexington, we take pride in offering services and programs that benefit our members and increase their quality of life. Other companies use that “quality of life” phrase a lot, without really examining what it means to them as a provider. For us, it means that our members excel beyond their wildest capacities and surprise everyone, including themselves, with their vivid accomplishments. Lexington Learning Center provides DDD services for children and adults that work for our members and their families. We work with our members in-center or in-home to cater to the differing needs of individuals on the spectrum. Our staff of providers are energized, committed, and compassionate, giving each of our members the attention they deserve. Through Lexington programs, members of all ages interact with their community, expand their skills, and work on independence as they examine their interests. At Lexington, we work tirelessly to see members flourish.

A Sense Of Freedom

One of the primary reasons parents and members love Lexington is because we provide every service we can in an environment that works for the members we serve. Lexington offers Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) for habilitation, respite, and attendant care in member homes, ensuring comfort and familiarity. You won’t have to drive all over the city or crunch for time to make therapy appointments because Lexington employs trained, expert therapists that give therapeutic care in-center. We have programs for adults that focus on skill-building and community involvement. Lexington also provides after-school programs and summer programs for student age children to help expand on their academics and get them involved in the expansion of their social skills. Lexington doesn’t just seek to provide care or education. We work with parents and guardians as a partner to manage all of our member’s needs under one roof.

Locations Close To You

Our mission is to serve the people of the valley in a way that suits them. Arizona commutes are long and can be exhausting, especially when the hot sun is beating down on us. Lexington has locations throughout the Phoenix area, as well as a location in Show Low. We serve the community in the neighborhoods our members live in so they get as much enrichment possible out of their time with staff without having to make a huge trip. Lexington also provides transportation for members that need a ride so parents and guardians can get to work or appointments with the confidence that their loved ones are in good hands. Whether you come to Lexington or we come to you, the quality services we provide are never far away.

Our Members Love It

Lexington’s consistent growth and expansion can only be attributed to the success our members see in our programs. Parents and members have expressed how much Lexington has helped in the development of skills necessary for a greater sense of independence. Students at the Lexington Life Academy have greatly improved their academic understanding, their social skills, and their confidence in the material they are learning. Our staff is passionate and eager to take part in the growing programs we offer at Lexington because they get to see what we offer to these members that they wouldn’t get elsewhere. Lexington provides unique solutions for sensory needs and motor skill function. We network with a number of businesses and community leaders to give our members the opportunity to foster a sense of community and their place in that community. You will notice a difference at Lexington and that’s because our members are important to us and we work hard to see them improve and thrive.

If you have been searching for a place to provide for your loved ones with autism and other disabilities, Lexington is the right place. We are dedicated to our members and would love to give you more information or schedule a tour with you. Contact us today to see what Lexington can do for you.

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