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Why Businesses Want To Hire People With Disabilities

The time of businesses overlooking people with disabilities when it comes to hiring is coming to end. A new era of disability friendly business is being ushered in on a tidal wave of data that supports a simple message: when you hire people with disabilities, it’s in your best interest. For people with disabilities, this means that right now might be the best time to sharpen that resume, practice those interview techniques, and get prepared to shine. For employers, this means that it’s the right time to look into disability hiring programs and the benefits such programs will have for your business. Here are 5 reasons why businesses want to hire people with disabilities.


One of the reasons that businesses want to hire someone with a disability is because new research has actually shown a rise in profitability for companies that hire people with disabilities with a correlated 28% revenue growth and 30% profit margin for companies that champion these people. That means companies are starting to figure out what we have always known at Lexington Services: converse to previously held prejudices, hiring people with disabilities doesn’t hurt your bottom line.


Businesses that want to flourish must incorporate multiple perspectives into their scope, especially in this day and age. Business that hire people with disabilities expand the set of valuable perspectives that can weigh in on any given choice as a company, as well as expand the relationships that companies have with customers.


Hiring people with a disability gives a good impression to the community abroad. For example, a survey conducted by the Illinoise Dept. Of Commerce And Economic Opportunity found that 93% of customers preferred to purchase from a company that employed people with a disability.


Internally, companies benefit from hiring people with disabilities because they improve the working atmosphere. Employees with disabilities often inspire their co-workers to be enthusiastic and positive about their work. Hiring people with disabilities inspires a sense of goodwill among employees, meaning that everyone benefits from their presence in your workplace.


One of the many reasons to hire people with disabilities is because they are reliable and great additions to the workforce. Unlike their peers, they are less likely to hop jobs often, to show up late or take long breaks. They are also often required by their general daily outlook to be good problem solvers, so this skill often translates to the workplace.

As we enter a new outlook on the future of disability employment, the focus has definitely begun to shift from disability to ability. This means that employers are finding more and more reasons to hire people with disabilities while their detractors are getting left behind in their own antiquated perspective.

At Lexington Services, we are happy to see any of the people in our programs proceed on to gainful employment and we are happy to be a resource for those that need it. Are you looking for more information about Lexington Services? Contact a member of our staff today.

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