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What Kind Of Skills Could Your Child Improve This Year?

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One of the many things that the skilled professionals at Lexington Services work with children and adults with special needs to improve is their skill sets that aid them in daily life. Our staff are not merely there to care for and watch over our members, although they do accomplish that with excellence. Part of our goal set as educators, providers, and caregivers is to empower the members that walk through our doors to accomplish something new. We do everything we do for our members so they can improve and harness a newfound sense of independence. As the new year begins, ask yourselves as parents and caregivers: What kind of skills could your loved one learn or improve this year?

Social Skills

Does your loved one with special needs struggle with social skills? Social interaction can be particularly difficult to learn, particularly for children with Autism. At Lexington, kids find a loving and like minded circle of friends who are all finding the encouragement to improve their social understanding and how they fit into a community. Through community outreach, in-center practice, and practice activities, the staff at Lexington has improved the lives of children and adults throughout Arizona, giving them the essential knowledge and practice so they can improve social skills in a welcoming and warm setting. Lexington is a place for people to expand their community skills and find their place within that community.

Motor And Speech Skills

Lexington employs a world class staff of therapists, educators, and caregivers gifted with helping young people and adults with special needs to improve the motor areas that they struggle with. The speech and occupational therapy staff at Lexington use only evidence-based practices to improve outcomes in a manner that’s beneficial to each member and supports a continuous program to help them improve other skills. From motor skills to improved speech and communication, every success is celebrated, but each skill mastered lends itself to further development of other skills.

Life Skills

The Lexington influence goes further than our centers or schools for children with autism. When a member joins the Lexington family, our staff works with everyone to help them achieve their maximum potential. There are programs through Lexington like IDLA, which helps people with demonstrated independence to find and maintain their own home and independant living situation. With help of Lexington staff and support, loved ones with special needs can get involved in their community, find employment at reputable establishments, or attend college a quality institutions that’s sensitive to their needs. Lexington supports every member to help them improve life skills so they can accomplish their goals.

Quality Care

Lexington Services is a leader in DDD services and in-home or in-center care for individuals across the spectrum. Our Home And Community Based Services programs are designed to offer care for people in their homes and to support parents and caregivers through programs like respite so everyone in the family maintains a healthy level head. Our home based services offer parents and caregivers across Arizona the opportunity to receive excellent care and support in a familiar location.

A bite sized explanation of each program isn’t really enough to display with justice the quality of support and care Arizona families will find through Lexington Services. Now is the time to call a member of our staff for more information. Contact Lexington Services at (480) 900-1009 or click here to send us an email with your questions.

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