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What Are Individually Designed Living Arrangements?

At Lexington Services, we are always working with our members and their families to help individuals achieve a greater sense of independence. That’s why Lexington is proud of our Individually Designed Living Arrangements (IDLA) program. The IDLA program is designed to help adults members to become more independent through a residence of their own. Living on your own as an adult is one of the most liberating feelings and every adult capable of living on their own and providing for themselves deserves that feeling. The IDLA program helps members learn necessary skills and empowers them to live their life independently.

What Does IDLA Entail?

When a member enrolls in the IDLA program through Lexington Services, the team prepares them for living on their own. While generally it is assumed that members and their families will find their own living arrangements, it’s sometimes possible for the Lexington team to help people find the perfect place for them to live. There are a lot of great places for members to live through the valley, including communities like Luna Azul, a neighborhood designed just for people with disabilities.

When a member moves in to their own living space, IDLA providers will work with members in their homes to help them manage the responsibilities of living alone. These include anything from cleaning, social skills, and shopping to maintaining a budget. Providers also may help with habilitation for individuals that need help with cleaning, cooking, and things like hygiene maintenance. When an individual starts the program, they will be assigned a caring and capable provider who will spend a majority of time with them in home and gradually reduce the time that they spend in home so the member can live independently in their own arrangements. Members are encouraged to get involved in a day/ work program and providers even help members to develop necessary job skills.

The goal of the program is for the least amount of intervention possible to allow members to enjoy their independence and freedom.

Why Is IDLA The Right Choice?

Obviously what works best for one individual won’t work for another. That’s the beauty of individuality. IDLA is a great choice in comparison to a developmental home or a group home like an ADH residence because so much of the process is based upon the member’s desires and needs. The power to decide where they live, how much intervention they receive, their roommates and living arrangements lie in the hands of the individual. For members seeking true independence, this program is one of the greatest opportunities. Through the IDLA, they can gain a strong understanding of their place in their community and home.

What Are The Requirements?

Generally, a member needs to be able to function more independently before they can start enrolling in the IDLA program. The level of independence that’s encouraged might not be right for every member. When a member or their family thinks that independent living might be the best option, a meeting with the IDLA team from Lexington will help determine the needs of the member as they transition into an independent setting. As the name implies, each plan is individually designed for the needs of that specific member.

How Do I Start?

If you think that Individually Designed Living Arrangements might be the best for someone you know and love, your next step could be to talk to the leaders at Lexington Services. You can contact the IDLA Director, Frances Oder, at (480)-401-2558 or by email with You may also contact a member of our staff today for any other information about what we do here at Lexington.

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