Autism and Respite in Utah

What Is Respite Care?

Respite care is a supportive service that provides patients and their other primary caregivers relief, temporarily, from the care required for an individual with special needs. When one of our kind, compassionate, and highly trained Utah autism respite care support professionals are on the job, caregivers will have their much-needed time to rest and renew their physical and mental energy. We provide in-home respite and supported living services, and through our extensive Utah care services, Lexington Services is more than equipped to carry out and maintain appropriate levels of supervision and care in the home environment.

Why Do Caregivers Need Respite Care?

Though you are a caregiver, obligations of your own will arise, and you will need to have trusted care in place to step in when you must step away. Some of the situations that may require our respite services in Utah include the following:

  • You need alone time to yourself, or with a partner.
  • You need to leave town on business or socially.
  • You have another child or loved one that requires your care and attention.
  • You need to leave home for an appointment or social obligation.
  • You need to step out for errands to the grocery store, pharmacy, etc.
  • You may work from home and simply want to ensure your loved one is safe in the other room.

Respite care is incredibly valuable in providing relief when you may be feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and exhausted as well. This is precisely why our respite services exist. Do not feel guilty in asking for help! Caring for a child or family member with special needs can be incredibly difficult, demanding work. To take care of someone else, you must take care of yourself as well. Respite care is a necessary tool to assist caregivers in managing their own health,  relationships, and more.

Allow a Break for Yourself!

When caregivers decide that respite care in Utah is necessary for them and their families, this decision may come with a sense of guilt. It is sometimes easier to tell yourself that this is entirely your responsibility, or yours to bear on your own. These are things that often cross people’s minds when making this new change in their care plan:

  • “Caring for my child can be difficult, and it is my responsibility.”
  • “I could never leave and trust another person to care for my loved one.”
  • “It would be selfish of me to step out for ____ event and leave my child.”
  • “It is unfair of me to travel without my child who has special needs.”
  • “I feel immense guilt from wanting to take a break from my own child.”

Lexington Respite services exist for a reason. Respite services in Utah are key to avoid burnout, a decline in mental health, and decrease elevated stress levels for caregivers. People need a break from any and every kind of job or workplace. Acknowledging that caring for someone with special needs can be difficult, and making room for that kind of help through Lexington autism respite care will ease stress and worry, and in the long run, be helpful to all. Remember, socialization and allowing care for your child outside of your inner circle will only help in cultivating stronger relationships with others, which is a necessary skill to learn in life. Also, studies have shown that when parents or caregivers take breaks and time to themselves, it significantly decreases stress levels and improves their quality of life. Never feel guilty in taking a break and planning that moment, day, or vacation away.

How Do I Find Respite Care?

Lexington Services is equipped and staffed to provide top-of-the-line respite care in Utah. Our respite care autism services are designed to help you and your family achieve balance once again. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have, and know that our trained, highly skilled, and compassionate staff are ready to guide you through this journey. We look forward to serving those of you with the respite care you and your loved ones deserve.


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