DSPD in Utah

Utah DSPD Services

The Utah DSPD, or Division of Services for People with Disabilities, which sits within the Department of Human Services, provides support for and opens up opportunities for people with disabilities to live independent and self-determined lives, and participate more actively in their communities. Utah DSPD services manage and oversee community and home-based services for thousands of people with disabilities.

What Is DSPD Utah?

You may be wondering, “what is Utah DSPD?” DSPD services include day services, community living, and supported employment for more than 6,000 people with disabilities. DSPD Utah is composed of qualified and trained staff who work tirelessly to improve the lives of people living with disabilities in Utah. The support DSPD Utah provides is extensive, and the overall goal is to help those living with disabilities to lead self-determined lives with the assistance of DSPD Utah services. Starting the application process early is most helpful when determining eligibility and what Utah DSPD services are needed.

Who Is Eligible for DSPD?

To be eligible for Utah DSPD services, the applicant must be diagnosed with an intellectual disability resulting in significant functional limitation. DSPD services provide support for people with intellectual disabilities, severe epilepsy, cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, autism, and more. To be eligible for services with the Utah DSPD, limitations must be present in three or more of these areas of living and activity:

  • Care of self
  • Mobility and movement
  • Learning
  • Language, expressive and receptive
  • Self-direction and ability to live independently
  • Capacity for economic self-sufficiency

What Is Utah DSPD Eligibility Going to Do For My Family?

If Utah DSPD has determined you or a loved one is eligible for DSPD services, the next step will be to assess an individual’s needs by using the Needs Assessment Tool. The tool will determine the severity of an applicant’s disability, the urgency of services needed, the parent or caregiver’s ability to care for the applicant. These factors will all help to determine the applicant’s position on the waiting list. Unfortunately, the DSPD cannot typically offer immediate services to eligible applicants based on funding constraints allocated by the Utah State Legislature.

As funding becomes available to Utah DSPD, individuals on the waitlist are notified by an intake worker and are brought into Utah DSPD services. When on the waitlist, it is possible that depending on funding, DSPD may be able to provide short-term services such as family skill-building and preservation classes, respite care, and more.

How to Apply for DSPD Utah Services?

Over the span of 90 days, you will need to complete the Utah DSPD intake process, or your status with Utah DSPD will become inactive. DSPD Utah employs intake workers that are available and happy to assist you in this process. After the completion of your initial intake forms, you will be notified if you have been found eligible for Utah DSPD services. This form, called the Hearing Rights Form, will also inform you of your hearing rights if you disagree with the DSPD Utah’s decision.

Lexington Services

At Lexington Services, we are aware of how difficult this waitlist process can be for you and your family. We have developed an equal alternative to Utah DSPD services, so whether you or a loved one is living with disabilities, you can get the expert care you need and deserve. Through our team of compassionate and skilled experts, we offer supported living and behavior consultation services and community through private pay options to best suit your family’s needs. With staff ready to serve your family in your home and the surrounding community in Davis County, Salt Lake County, and Utah County,we look forward to serving our communities with the utmost care.


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