Although it’s cliche to start this top 10 list with an opening line about how difficult 2020 has been, the following remains true: 2020 has been a hard year. The world has been thrown curveballs, left and right, but Lexington’s mission stays the same. Our dedication to serving children with special needs has always been at the top of our list. Throughout the year, we have provided information with the hope of helping parents and kids in the autism community. From social media to newsletters, we hoped to spread a little joy and useful information to everyone who reads our blogs. Here are our top 10 blogs for this eventful year we call 2020:

5 Ways to Incorporate Play Therapy

Play Therapy is a widely used form of therapy for children and teens. Incorporating play therapy into everyday activities is excellent for language development and social skills. It allows children to learn and develop the best way they know how; by playing. Play Therapy can be done with role play, obstacle courses, or even play-doh. The possibilities are endless!

The Similarities & Differences Between ADHD & Autism

While ADHD and autism share a lot of similar traits, several things are unique to each condition. Parents and guardians need to understand the differences and similarities to make the most informed decision about their child. At Lexington, we’re happy to provide the resources we can to help people make informed decisions and seek the services they need. Here is a breakdown of the differences between autism and ADHD.

Tips for Parenting a Child with Down Syndrome

The lives of parents and caregivers of children with Down syndrome warrant some extra visits to doctors and therapists. Still, most people with Down syndrome can lead fulfilling and productive lives and are often included in standard classrooms across the country. From organization to motivation and therapy, parenting a child with Down syndrome may take a village. Still, Lexington Services is dedicated to bettering both your and your child’s lives through exceptional special needs education services.

LEGO Therapy Benefits for Kids with Autism

LEGOs build creativity and allow children to explore new worlds by creating them. Most therapy programs incorporate LEGOs into their curriculum and for great reason. LEGOs provide autistic children with social skill expansion, creativity expansion, motor skill adjustment, and goal-oriented tasks. These elements give the opportunity to grow socially, explore and test boundaries, and try new roles with new people.

Special Needs Services – Which one is Right for Your Child?

Lexington Services is a true one-stop-shop for most parents and their children. From In-Home services to different types of therapies, Lexington has a variety of options for your child. Choosing the right service might sometimes be a challenge. That’s why we provide all the information you may need to select the right therapy service or both for your child’s specific needs.

8 Great Tech Tools For Children with Special Needs

With advances in technology, it’s no wonder parents are beginning to use it to help their children. Specific apps can successfully address developmental delays in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Apps such as Otsimo and Proloquo2Go help with speech skills, while apps like Grace App help empower nonverbal people to communicate. Some use games, like SuperWhy! while others are websites that provide adaptive products for children with autism to use. Our list of technology tools is the perfect start to incorporating technology into everyday activities.

How Your Special Needs Child Can Still Receive Therapy During Coronavirus

Coronavirus has made us push pause on many things in our lives, but a child’s growth and development should not be one. Lexington Services has been providing Teletherapy to allow clients to stay home and make sure their child does not fall behind or regress in their learning. It is an excellent alternative for parents who are not comfortable with in-person visits to Lexington just yet. Find out how Lexington can provide your child with teletherapy services today!

Are Girls with Autism Getting Left Behind

Girls with autism may be at risk of falling behind, harmful coping habits, and the target of bullying because the diagnosis of autism in girls may be more complicated than in boys. Autism presents itself differently for boys and girls and may not be as evident for girls. This leads to many girls believing they have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), or even eating disorders at a young age. Parents can help, and our blog will tell you how. 

Reviewing 3 Inclusive Pixar Shows on Disney+

The release of Disney plus had brought more of that Disney magic in our homes. It has also given more creators the ability to showcase their work since the company needs enough content to keep up with the other streaming services. Cue in more wholesome, family-friendly Pixar content you don’t want to miss. The three shows we review are very unique and keep Pixar’s pure-hearted concept while bringing in new characters we know you will fall in love with like we did.

4 Special Needs Resources You Can Consume Today

It’s no secret that 2020 has made us slow down and stay home, which has led to new hobbies and more media consumption. Some media has been the news, but most has been social media, television, blogs, music, and even podcasts. Here at Lexington Services, we believe that learning outside our centers should also take place. Check out our top four resources for you to explore as we continue to navigate this shift together.