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Medical rehabilitation services are special needs therapies designed to prevent, diagnose, and treat disabilities to help individuals live with great independence. Medical professionals in fields such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, audiology, early intervention, art or performing arts therapy, and more work together to restore function lost due to temporary or permanent disabilities. The quality of life for individuals with disabilities can improve through education and prevention programs.


Medical rehabilitation services are the first step toward helping your loved one living with different abilities gain greater independence and mobility or maintain the skills they have in their everyday lives. At Lexington Services, we employ medical rehabilitation services professionals in occupational therapy, speech therapy, and music therapy to educate, prevent, and help improve our members’ quality of life.


Medical rehabilitation services and therapies offered at Lexington are meant to improve the quality of life and enhance the skills of our members. We currently provide the following in-center therapy programs at our Mesa and Phoenix, Arizona locations based on availability:

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Occupational therapy focuses on assisting children in developing skills needed to gain independence, including fine and gross motor skills and development, sensory-motor skills and regulation, visual-motor skills and spatial awareness, bodily and functional awareness, bilateral coordination, such as writing or cutting paper, and teaching children how to express themselves through physical activity.

Speech Therapy

At Lexington Services, our therapists work with children on speech, receptive and expressive language and communication, explicit language, such as asking for help or taking direction, and more. Pediatric speech therapy treats communication disorders, both in expressive and receptive language, that may cause children to have difficulty communicating verbally.

Music Therapy

Our music therapy program and providers will first start by taking members through an individual assessment to determine which therapeutic approach will be best suited to your loved one’s needs. This well-established therapy uses musical interactions to improve a specific function or set of functions. Music therapy helps introduce rhythm, increase fine motor and sensory skills through playing instruments, and assists with listening to and following directions.


Teletherapy options are available for clients who wish to stay home but ensure their child does not fall behind in their learning. If you are not yet comfortable with in-person visits or treatments, this therapy option will be ideal for you and your family. In many early development programs, medical rehabilitation services and therapies have become a staple. We want to focus on making the best possible experiences and opportunities for people living with disabilities. These activities learned, practiced, and maintained through these therapies improve the quality of life and daily outlook for members while also fostering their independence during the process too.


Because therapy programs are designed to develop, nurture, and maintain a sense of normalcy in people’s lives, normalcy can help people living with different abilities to thrive. Outcomes are highly individualized because each individual has their own unique experience, and every care professional has their own creative solutions. Early intervention is essential in speech and occupational therapy, and the ultimate goal for children in these programs is to enhance their development to avoid delays.


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Our care providers know that all of our members are capable of achieving their goals and dreams, and furthermore, developing skills to help them gain their independence. Each one of the medical rehabilitation services serves its own special purpose in helping an individual living with disabilities, but they all share the common goal of helping people return to an active and healthy lifestyle.

At Lexington Services, we want you to feel welcome and as though you are in your own home or space. Our care providers truly have the heart and passion for this work and want to sincerely improve the lives of your children or loved ones, helping them meet milestones and making them feel accomplished when meeting their goals. Give us a call or visit our website to learn more and help your loved one on their journey to reaching their goals today!