Lexington Autsim Therapy Services Arizona

Lexington Therapy Services create a fun and engaging atmosphere for individuals with autism and other special needs through our
therapies and services while empowering members for daily success.

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The Need for Autism Therapy

Therapies have become a staple in many early development programs to provide children and young people with the best experience possible. Some of the most popular therapy programs that benefit people with special needs are speech therapy and occupational therapy. Therapists in these fields work with patients to expand their functions in speech, movement, and everyday activities that contribute to a meaningful daily outlook. With professional help, people have greatly expanded their quality of life and fostered their independence.

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What Autism Therapy Can Do

Therapy programs are designed to develop, nurture and maintain some normalcy in people’s lives so they can thrive. Because the focus is on the individual and because both professionals have to tailor creative solutions to manage improvement, the outcomes are highly individualized.

One thing that’s certain about speech therapy and particularly occupational therapy is that early intervention is key, especially for kids with developmental disorders and specific conditions like autism. The goal of these programs for children is to enhance their development to avoid delay, working on these skills early in life for an optimal outcome as they mature into adulthood.


Speech Therapy

These programs require a unique person with the creative aptitude to apply scientific practices to create an individual therapy program for their patients. For patients, the skills they struggle with can be very frustrating. The profound impact of these therapies is the expansion of understanding and physical execution necessary for everyday activities.

Occupational Therapy (OT)

In children, OT professionals work to sharpen skills involved in these occupations and strengthen formative growth developments. An Occupational Therapist may customize a program for a child with autism that incorporates sensory activities that improve motor skills while simulating play to improve.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is used to improve speech through

  • Custom-written songs that isolate and encourage speech sounds,
  • Increase fine and gross motor skills with percussion
  • Academic information in the form of music to help with retention

A musical therapist might also use instruments or their own voice to respond to members and encourage them to create a musical language, which fosters confidence, communication, and a wide range of emotional responses. Music therapy is very diverse and can help people improve in a range of areas.



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Meet the Staff

Michael Rutar

An Arizona transplant, Michael Rutar grew up in central Minnesota where he enjoyed hockey, golf, and days on the lake. Michael attended St. Cloud State University and graduated with a degree in Psychology and Biology. After graduating he pursued a career in Occupational Therapy from MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston, MA.

During his Capstone research project, he partnered with a playground development company, O’brien and Sons and Landscape Structures, where he researched the therapeutic relationship between Inclusive playgrounds and developmental disabilities. Through this project he developed a passion for working with children with physical and developmental disabilities.

After graduation, Michael moved to Utah where he worked for the local VA branch working with medically fragile veterans who had a variety of impairments from amputations to strokes. In 2020 he moved to Arizona where he began working as a school occupational therapist at Lexington Life Academy. In August of 2021, he began working as the Director of Therapy at Lexington Therapy Services.

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