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The Amazing Power Of Sensory Integration Therapy

| Hgrant |

Sensory integration is a term that gets thrown around a lot by teachers and therapists and staff members that work with young people that have autism because it’s so vital to their growth. However, as important as the therapeutic principle is, it seems that many people don’t know what it means for a student and occupational therapist to work on sensory integration in a therapy environment. Sensory processing is a mechanism in the body that allows us to take in information about our environment through our senses, organize and interpret that information, and then use the information to make a meaningful response. A person with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) cannot regulate or understand this stimulus and meaningfully respond. That’s where sensory integration therapy comes in.

Sensory integration therapy helps young people to understand and regulate what’s going on in their environment through evidence-based therapeutic exercises. Often these exercises might look like play to an outside observer. However, the neuroscience behind sensory integration therapy holds that guided stimulation of certain senses with goals in mind can produce exponential results if they are done in the right environment. We are very lucky here at Lexington Services to have a dedicated therapy services program, led by the magnificent Dr. Katie Killinger. Here is a short video about her team’s work with sensory integration therapy at Lexington:


Dr. Killinger and her team at Lexington Therapy Services have been instrumental in helping our teachers and staff to understand what sensory integration therapy is and how important it is to help members so they can grow. Now we want to share that information with you! Take an informative, exclusive look at what sensory integration is and how it’s changing lives for our members. Sign our guestbook below to let us know you stopped by and we’ll send you the full 1 hour sensory integration training session video for absolutely free! Learn the techniques our therapists and teachers use and see how you can apply them with your loved ones.