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Investing In The Future Of Young Adults With Autism

As young adults with autism transition into adulthood, they face a difficult challenge that many of their peers will never have to face. Studies show that nearly 20% of young people with autism suffer from depression, which is nearly triple the amount of neurotypical people with depression. Young adults with autism are facing a gap in employment opportunities, partially because of the social struggles that many young adults with autism have and, in part, due to a lack of work opportunities that are mindful of people with disabilities. Of course, many things have changed since the movement to understand autism began and there are more services available for people with ASD and other disabilities. However, we still need to be mindful of the group of young adults with autism transitioning into adult life and find ways to support their independence, while guaranteeing their care. Some young people with ASD take just a bit longer to adjust to adulthood and its complications That’s why a number of organizations, such as Lexington Services, are absolutely critical to the growth and health of young people.

Why These Programs Are Vital

Young adults with autism need support programs for a variety of reasons. As they reach the determined age where they are no longer eligible for services and support through IDEA, which is usually until the 22nd birthday, often times young people with ASD are not prepared to suddenly be cut off from their support system they have known for their entire school career. Whether it’s a job coach or assistance with independent living, these young people need a support structure that is often not in place for them when they arrive at “adulthood.”

Arizona Programs

Luckily, there are many states that want to continue providing support to young adults with autism after they age out of the program. Even if the state is less involved past a certain level, there are many programs that exist solely to continue the transition path and make that advancement into adulthood easier. Arizona consistently ranks high as a state for disability service availability, but there is a lot of work to be done still. While the state government has been working hard to attract more businesses to the local economy that are disability minded, this state has a huge number of local businesses and support centers available for young adults with autism, such as Lexington Services.

Young Adult Programs At Lexington

Lexington Services is a company that believes in providing care and safety for young people with disabilities, but it’s also a place that supports young adults with autism on their transition journey. Whether you have a child or a loved one in your life that needs support in the home or a service center where they can get involved while expanding their independence and social understanding. Lexington is also adding new programs to support young adults with autism to establish their own independent living arrangements, prepare for college if they want to go, or expand their understanding of employment so they can join the job market with a full understanding of their rights and responsibilities and bridge the abysmal employment gap that people with autism face. Want more information? Contact the team at Lexington Services today so we can answer all your questions and set up an appointment to figure out how we can help your loved ones. Click here to read more from Lexington Services.