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How Your Special Needs Child Can Still Receive Therapy During Coronavirus

Whether it’s the expressive methods used in speech therapy, the clinical development process of occupational therapy, or the creative process of music therapy, Lexington Services is here for you. We are constantly making sure we are able to provide the best care for our members and help them reach their milestones.

But unfortunately, as we inch our way through a worldwide pandemic, it has become increasingly harder for children with special needs to receive the therapies that are essential to their learning, development, and growth.

Though times may be challenging, Lexington continues to persevere, and provide ways that your child can get the adequate learning and support they need.

Because we live in a digital world, Lexington has been able to find this perfect balance of social distancing while also issuing our therapy services to people from the safety of their own homes.

We have implemented teletherapy based services into our curriculum. Teletherapy services allow our clients to remain safely at home, while also making sure their children don’t fall behind and regress in their learning.

Teletherapy is a great option for parents who don’t feel comfortable sending their kids back to Lexington in-person yet. In addition to keeping parents at ease, teletherapy keeps parents connected while our providers can focus on improving your child’s learning and growth, so they can achieve those #SoTheyCan moments.

Many parents are skeptical about implementing online and remote special needs services. Perhaps there is this idea if you are not doing these services in person, it is not effective. But, as our Director of Therapies Dallin Webster will testify “I encourage all parents to try it at least once.” As parents get used to the idea and the convenience of these amazing services, they will see that they are still getting the same great service all from the comfort of their own home.

Times may be uncertain, but your child’s continued development doesn’t have to be. As we progress through the digital age, now more than ever it is easier for parents to ensure that their child’s growth is not compromised.

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