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4 Easy Sensory Friendly Halloween Costumes

Halloween is upon us and retailers are making their best efforts to present sensory-friendly costumes for both children and adults. But, sometimes store-bought costumes can be difficult and itchy or even not available this close to Halloween. Here at Lexington, we have compiled four more sensory-friendly costume ideas to add to last year’s ideas! These are sure to make your Halloween special during COVID-19.

Everyday Clothing with a Theme

The best and most comfortable idea for a costume would be to create one from everyday clothing. From a sailor to a crayon, children can become anything they set their minds to with clothes in their own closet. Costumes like Where’s Waldo or a princess can be easily achievable with the right set of clothes and an accessory or two. Hoodies and character t-shirts also make great, simple costumes. Some even have ears on the hood or capes attached to make them extra special and keep them warm while out and about.

Special Interests/DIY

DIY costumes are great because they ask for creativity from both children and parents. Take a look at what your child is interested in. Is it a specific color, a book, or a movie character? Or maybe even a certain food? These are great ideas that can be made into simple costumes. Cardboard is also a great tool to take a costume to the next level. From a rocketship to popcorn, children can show a whole new world with a little bit of paint, tape, and cardboard. Pinterest is riddled with DIY costume ideas made with things that can be found around your home.

Add Accessories

Accessories are the easiest way to add to a costume, whether it be pajamas, everyday clothes, or store-bought. Tying noise-reducing earmuffs to a dog or cat costume or adding their favorite cap can make them feel comfortable while eating their favorite sweets. It is best to avoid masks or face paint as they can make children uncomfortable and even scare them or others around them. Practicing with masks and face paint beforehand can help your child get used to them and make for a smooth Halloween adventure. 

Soft-Washed Scrubs and Lab Coats

Health care workers have been a very important part of our lives this past year. Dressing up your child with soft washed scrubs or a lab coat shows support to our essential workers and creates a sensory-friendly environment. Soft washed clothing will not irritate your child’s skin and will feel like everyday clothing, making it easy for them to move freely and enjoy the day.

Halloween is a time to be whoever you wish. It is also a great reminder of the colder weather that is to come. At Lexington, we strive to give everyone the chance to participate in the fun festivities of the holidays. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and see what we are up to this spooky season.

Happy Halloween!