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4 Special Needs Resources You Can Consume Today

These days many of us are quarantining and are very aware of meeting social distancing guidelines. Consequently, we have found new ways to keep ourselves busy. With a little more time to ourselves, many people have taken up new hobbies, learned new skills, or are exploring new topics and insights..

Whether its online videos, TV shows, or social media, the digital age has become an innovative path to learning about any subject.

Lexington Services offers premier special education services. Helping your child meet their milestones and achieve their goals is something we are very passionate about. We also believe that learning happens outside of our centers as well, so we culminated four resources you can check out if you want to learn more about your special needs child, or if you are just simply interested and want to follow along with current special needs topics.

1. Unexceptional Moms – Podcast
Bringing parents with special needs children comfort and advice, mothers Ellen Stumbo and Erin Loraine cover a range of topics going through the journey of raising special needs children. Anything from going to school, anxiety, friendships, and so much more, Ellen and Erin’s kind and sensible style make listeners feel like they are talking with a friend.

Check it out here!

2. Atypical – TV Show
Chronicling the life of Sam Gardner, an 18-year-old boy with Autism, this Netflix series follows the struggles and desires of what it is like to be a teenager on the spectrum. Easy to root for and hard to dislike, Keir Gilchrist does an amazing job of portraying Sam while not falling into a stereotype. Additionally, the inclusion of autistic actors and writers showcases amazing representation for the special needs community.

Check out Atypical on Netflix!

3. Emilie Weight: 3 things I learned from my intellectually disabled son – TED Talk
Discussing the wows and woes of having a son diagnosed with Fragile X syndrome, Emilie Weight gives a joyous take on children with special needs claiming they make our society more well rounded with their simplistic optimism. Weights simple explanations and witty style of talking make this 9 minutes video worth the watch.

Check it out here!

4. Hopeful Parents – Blog
Hopeful brings light to an incredible group of parents who note their experiences with their special needs children. there is truly something every parent with a special needs child can relate to. You will smile, laugh, and tear up as you read the words and feel the emotions of these parent’s experiences.

Check it out here!

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