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8 Great Tech Tools for Children With Special Needs

Advances in technology have radically revolutionized education for students with special needs. Apps, websites and digital tools, when chosen carefully, can help bridge developmental and achievement gaps. Parents and caregivers can successfully address developmental delays among students in both classrooms and homes using these tools. Check out eight of our favorite tech for children with special needs.

1. Otsimo
Otsimo is a mobile app that offers special education to children with autism through games and speech therapy. It helps develop receptive language ability in children with speech-language impediments.
2. Rufus Robot
The Rufus Robot series includes mobile apps like “Feelings and Emotions” that help kids on the spectrum identify facial expressions and emotions. “Boys and Girls” can help them distinguish between male and female faces and become familiar with atypical features. “Categories” teaches pattern recognition through shapes, sizes and colors, and “Numbers” teaches counting and comparing quantities.
3. Proloquo2Go
Among augmentative and alternative communication apps for iOS, Proloquo2Go is a symbol-based voice app that helps with daily communication and builds language skills It’s excellent for students who have speech impairments due to disorders like traumatic brain injury (TBI), Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy (CP), autism, apraxia or aphasia.
4. Super Why!
The Super Why! mobile app contains interactive literacy activities and games with letters, words, spelling and rhyming that enhance reading and writing skills. It’s especially effective for students with fragmented reading abilities.
5. ArtikPix
ArtikPix is an engaging iOS articulation app with flashcard and matching activities for children who have speech and language delays. It’s equipped with child-friendly language that children can use independently, with a speech-language pathologist or with parents.
6. Grace App
Originally created for people with autism, Grace App is a simple picture exchange app that empowers nonverbal people to communicate their needs by building semantic sequences from relevant images. It’s available for iOS. Usage requires minimum support from caregivers and users can choose between vocal and non-vocal modes.
7. eSpecial Needs
The eSpecial Needs website offers a variety of adaptive therapy products, including toys, adaptive equipment, learning tools, assistive technology tools, aquatic therapy resources and items of daily living. All are geared toward early intervention and improvement of handwriting, movement, speech-language skills, and cognitive and sensorimotor functions.
8. Smart Tutor
Smart Tutor’s online reading and math curriculum is individualized for each child based on an automated assessment that determines each child’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s particularly helpful for students who have learning disabilities due to Asperger’s syndrome, high-functioning autism or ADD/ADHD Students can use it with a tutor or as part of a homeschooling curriculum.

We hope you’ll take advantage of these outstanding tools. If you’re a parent or caregiver of a child with special needs and are looking for a fun learning environment that fosters academic and emotional growth, Lexington Services may be your one-stop shop. We serve the Phoenix metropolitan area and Show Low through multiple autism schools that offer individualized curricula and services to grades K-12. We also offer therapy, afterschool care and adult programs. Contact us to learn more about our outstanding, personalized and professional services.