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All Of Your Child’s DDD Services Under One Roof

If your child has a developmental disability, finding and providing him or her appropriate support is difficult, time-consuming and often overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Lexington Learning Center offers every service your child could need, including in-home care.

We provide the tools you need in one place so that you can spend your time loving your child rather than searching for help.


Our students come to us with a wide range of abilities. We work with children on many stages of the autism scale, those with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities or combinations of disorders. Here, your child is with friends and treated like family.

If you are concerned about your child, but unsure if he or she is behind the curve developmentally, we encourage you to discuss your child’s development with your physician. Also, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provides an excellent resource page regarding developmental milestones.


Lexington Learning Center’s staff cares for your child as if he or she were their own. Educators work with your child to provide a limited curriculum based on his or her abilities. Educators and paraprofessionals focus on the life and behavioral skills your child needs to make his or her life with a developmental disability more manageable.

All employees achieve the required certifications for their chosen fields. Lexington also offers courses in Article 9, CPR and First Aid, Habilitation Training, Prevention and Support, Direct Care Worker Caregiving and Positive Behavior Support.

Lexington prepares your child to face his or her future after high school, whatever it may be.


Lexington Learning Center works with children from pre-kindergarten to high school. Each child is evaluated on educational and life skills, and placed in appropriate environments to enhance those skills.

After-school programs and summer activities allow students to become more integrated into campus life and focus on those areas requiring enhancement. The Adult Day Treatment program allows older students to enjoy the same camaraderie as their younger peers and work on the same skill sets leading towards an independent lifestyle.

In-home services include attendant care, habilitation and respite services. Attendant care providers work with your child to learn basic skills such as bathing, mobility, and meal preparation. Habilitation services increase your child’s basic skills set, moving him or her towards a more interactive life. Respite care provides the necessary breathing room for family members of a child with a developmental disability while an attendant cares for the special needs child at home.

Lexington Learning Center

Founder Harrison Rogers started Lexington in his own home to help his sister. Little did he realize how great the need would become for those services, and Lexington soon opened its first school in Mesa, Arizona.

It has since expanded to multiple locations throughout the state, always with the same goal in mind – providing children and adults with a developmental disability the skills they need to survive and thrive. Lexington uses the most up-to-date methods to enhance your child’s life.

Activities range from yoga to occupational and speech therapy. Each activity exercises a different part of your child’s body and mind, strengthening him or her to face the challenges of daily life. Lexington services may be covered by the Arizona Department of Developmental Disabilities Integrated Health Care Plan.

The institution offers a range of services to meet your child’s needs through adulthood. Lexington also partners with Mercy Care for prescription drug benefits and other services to which your child might be entitled.

Lexington Learning Center is a one-stop-shop for you and your family members. We partner with like-minded organizations to ensure your child receives all possible benefits and services to enrich his or her life.

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