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5 Additional Books for Children with Special Needs

Books are a fantastic tool to transport the reader into a new worl

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d, show a unique perspective, or even teach someone a little more about themselves. When a character is relatable, we become more drawn to their adventure and find pieces of ourselves in them. 

Children with autism may find this connection while reading specific stories. Characters who face the same challenges they do and resolve them can act as a learning tool for them to face their own daily challenges. Common challenges such as emotions, social interactions, or just learning what autism is can be narrated in a book for children with autism, their siblings, friends, or parents. 

In the past, Lexington has offered some great book choices for children of all ages who have autism. Here are five more books to add to the growing collection

Hello Roar, Little Dinosaur by Hazel Reeves

Meet Roar, a cute little dinosaur who does things a bit differently from the rest of her friends and family. But she is brave and strong and knows it is okay to do something a bit different. This book is excellent for ages 3-8 and was written to help children with high-functioning autism. It is the perfect book for everyone to celebrate the strength of children with autism. 

Andy and His Yellow Frisbee by Mary Thompson

Andy is a boy with autism and is fascinated by things in motion, like his yellow frisbee. A classmate notices Andy and his frisbee and becomes curious and his behavior. Meanwhile, his protective older sister sees the classmate’s curiosity. She does her best to explain Andy, his autism, and her perspective as his sibling. This book is suitable for children ages 5-8.

Autism is…? by Ymkje Wideman-van der Laan

Explaining the term autism to a young child can prove difficult, but this illustrated book can make the task easier. The book is about an autistic child named Logan who overhears his grandma speaking to a friend about him and mentions he has autism. So, he asks her, “Autism is…?” and she provides an answer in a beautifully illustrated story. This book is recommended for children ages 5-8 and provides a positive explanation of what can seem like a complicated answer.

Everyone is Different by Fiona Bleach

When a family member is diagnosed with autism, everyone in the family will have questions. Siblings especially may appear puzzled at the behaviors of their brother or sister. “Everyone is Different” aims to answer those questions about autism and identify characteristics and behaviors for siblings to become aware of when spending time with their brother or sister. The book is excellent for ages nine and up as it gives warm illustrations and simple terms

The Asperger Children’s Toolkit by Francis Musgrave

Toolkits and learning guides are some of the best ways to handle complicated challenges, especially for young children. “The Asperger Children’s Toolkit” is a guide with lovable characters who walk children with autism through some tough situations like:

  • anxiety
  • negative thinking 
  • sensory overload
  • emotions, friendship
  • trust
  • social situations

This toolkit also comes with cutout tools that can be done with a parent, caregiver, or teacher. Together with the guide, children will learn how to cope with areas of difficulty, learn about their own strengths and celebrate along the way. They will also learn other practical skills such as online browsing safety, social networking, and how to text message safely. For ages 6-12, this guide is fun, original, and highly interactive.

Check out more books for children with autism here and here in our blogs. We have books listed for all ages!

Lexington has a Library!

For a fun library experience, Lexington Services is happy to share the opening of their own library located on Gilbert Road in Mesa, Arizona to the Lexington community. This quaint library is run by the Transition to Employment segment of Lexington Services. The librarian Stephanie, is one of our very own members and is a sweet aspiring librarian-to-be who put together a reasonable sum of the library. There are books for many genres of reading and more to come. 

While visiting, don’t forget to pick up a beautiful, handmade bookmark for your new books and to grab some coffee or hot chocolate for $1. Come by and support your local Lexington library on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 1 pm to 5 pm. See you soon!

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The Best Book List For Kids With Autism

Reading is an important skill that helps build communication skills, develops language and fosters comprehension of various things including the world around us and our inner concerns. Every book contains a unique perspective that can inform, educate or even entertain us. For kids and teens with autism, reading is a great way to help kids understand ASD and to develop an understanding of social skills. Here is a list of 16 books of all different types to share the joy of reading and books with kids and teens with autism.

Picture Books

Sensory And Pop-Up Books

  • Point To Happy – Combining the accessibility of a picture book with the sensory fun of tactile objects, point to happy is written and designed for kids with autism, helping grow their understanding of complex emotions with appropriate pictures and sensory fun.
  • That’s Not My Monkey – All of the books in the Touchy-Feely book series that That’s Not My Monkey is part of are sensory friendly books that have various surfaces for kids to touch and feel.
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Slide And Find – A book that introduces animals and colors in a unique fashion with a find and slide door to get kids involved in the reading.

Books About Autism

  • Ben Has Autism. Ben Is Awesome – This book is about Ben, who is 5 and has autism, wherein Ben explains awesome things he can do and challenges he faces. This is a great tool to help young kids understand autism and how it affects their life.
  • Different Like Me: My Book Of Autism Heroes – This book introduces children to famous or inspirational people throughout history with ASD.
  • All My Stripes – A book that follows Zane the Zebra who has autism and worries that he won’t fit in with his surroundings, but comes to understand that autism is only one of the many things that makes him special.

Books That Help Kids Develop New Skills

  • When My Worries Get Too Big – A book that helps kids explore the anxiety that comes from losing control with helpful ways to maintain control and less anxious.
  • Calm-Down Time – An illustrated book for young children that helps kids and parents understand meltdowns and tantrums with tools to help kids calm down.
  • Hands Are Not For Hitting – A fun helpful read, that teaches kids that violence is not okay and that hands are for so much more than acting in anger.
  • The Way I Feel – A rhyming text kids book that portrays a range of emotions and their appearance or related feelings. This is a valuable one that we commonly use at Lexington Services.

Books For Older Kids And Teens With ASD

As research and understanding of autism has gotten better over the years, an abundance of resources have become available for kids and parents learning about autism. If your child has ASD and you would like to help their development, then you should see what Lexington Services has to offer. We have a range of services, both in-home and in-center, that give kids the understanding and support they need so they can grow and thrive. Call 480-900-1009 today to schedule a tour or to find out more information.

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