Lexington students are known to be crafty. From building Legos to drawing contests, the students of Lexington are encouraged to express themselves creatively.

Sensory painting is one of the many ways Lexington students create art while experiencing sensory stimulation and developing motor skills and self-esteem. Students can paint with pool noodles and even brushes with pasta noodles and multiple bright colors. 

Students are also introduced to many other forms of art, so they have a way to express how they feel in a safe and encouraging environment.

Some students learn to become artists, and others are just born artists. Paula is no exception. From the start of her time at Lexington, the staff knew she had a gift for art. Paula already knew she wanted to become an artist and expressed this to her team. So, now they make sure she works on her art when she gets free time, and they do this by asking her to draw portraits of themselves. She is always happy to draw pictures but adds her own creativity to each drawing. 

“Working with Legos, hopefully, I can get a student or two to want to become an architect or something in that realm.” – Lexington Lego Club Staff

Artsonia Holiday Ornaments designed by Nicole

Lego Club allows students to play with classmates they don’t usually play with during the school period and gives them a creative outlet. This art form can encourage students to explore their ideas in an open space with other students. Students in this club are known to make cranes, spaceships, or even traps while learning fine motor skills and the process of assembly and disassembly.

Creativity also can come in the form of baked goods. Lexington’s Ellsworth campus has an annual Craft and Bake sale for the holiday season.

Their students and staff come together to create adorable holiday crafts and delicious baked goods.

All of the profits from their bake sales go directly to their schools to continue to provide the best education possible.

This year our crafty students from our Maryvale campus have entered an art contest called Artsonia. Artsonia is the world’s most extensive collection of student art, published by teachers and students from around the world. Parents and family can view the art online, leave comments, and order keepsakes featuring the artwork.

Artsonia Greeting Cards Designed by Aiyana

Artsonia inspires students and promotes the sharing of art with its weekly Artist of the Week campaign. The mission is to bring communities together to celebrate children’s artistic expressions. Artsonia also donates 20% of all purchases back to the classroom.

Lexington Maryvale has around 50 kids participating, and of those 50 kids, they had two students selected to showcase their work worldwide on their website.  

Aiyana and Nicole have received awards for their artwork. Aiyana received the Portfolio Award, and Nicole received the Portfolio Award and the Popular Artist Award. Almost every country in the world participates, and two of our very own Lexington students have been selected! 

Artsonia holds competitions each month, and our two students were selected based on their creative face mask design. The Artsonia Giftshop has options like ornaments, greeting cards, and coaster sets. Just look up Lexington Maryvale or the codes “Aiyana841” or “Nicole14928” to give the gift of creativity this holiday season by purchasing a keepsake from these creative students.