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Special Needs Services – Which One Is Right For Your Child?

It is truly a blessing that parents with special needs children have SO many options when it comes to choosing a treatment plan.

With so many treatment plans available, it can get pretty overwhelming knowing which one will be the most effective for your kiddo. At Lexington Services, we are here to help you every step of the way in understanding what your child wants and providing what they need.

Lexington has so many different options for treating your child making us a TRUE one-stop-shop for everything your child could need, but which service is right for you?

We are going to give a very brief break down of the different types of services we offer.

We will be using different acronyms, so to better understand what these terms mean you can refer to our Helpful Glossary of Terms.

In-Home Services

Habilitation (HAB) – Habilitations services offer providers that teach independent living skills such as cooking, cleaning, and using the bathroom and emphasize the importance of improved behavior and doing things on their own.

Respite (RSP) – an in-home service that provides a temporary break for primary caregivers. This option is especially helpful to parents because it provides relief and is available to individuals of all ages.

Attendant Care (ATC) – offers services that assist with activities of daily living like feeding, bathing, and clothing.


Speech Therapy – used to improve communication and treat problems with speech including fluency and articulation. This is a very common type of therapy that many kids with autism need and is proven to be very effective in reaching milestones.

Occupational Therapy (OC) – a form of therapy designed to help with fine motor skills and daily activities. OC is perfect in aiding the barrier that affects the physical, social, and emotional aspects of someone with special needs.

Music Therapy – a rather new therapy designed for emotional and social development, music therapy has also been proven to help with vocalization, lowering anxiety, and even improving coordination. We notice music therapy has a positive effect on many of our kiddos.

While these are not all of the services and therapies Lexington offers, we hope this is a good insight on some of the options Lexington Services can offer.

For more information about us and our other types of services visit our website or give us a call at 480-900-1009.

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