Lexington Services

Life Academy

Lexington Services is proud to offer Lexington Life Academy as an education option for students with autism. Our focus is to create the best quality of life possible for our students.

  • School for Autism (Pre-K – 12)
    We have multiple school locations for children with autism providing academics and a variety of life skills. Our curriculums are accomplished through evidenced-based practices, structured learning, standards-based curriculum, sensory integration, and behavior modification.

Learning Center

Center-based services committed to empower individuals with disabilities to achieve their maximum potential. Through continuous education, training, member evaluations, and customized options we can best fit each individual’s needs.

DDD Services

  • Adult Programs
  • After School Programs
  • Summer Programs
  • Habilitation
  • Respite
  • Attendant Care


Therapy Services

Through our therapies and services, we create a fun and engaging atmosphere for individuals with autism and other special needs while empowering members for daily success.

  • Speech Therapy
  • Speech therapies assist students with delays in articulation, overall intelligibility, pragmatic, expressive, and receptive language.
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Skilled Occupational Therapy activities significantly help to assist students and individuals who struggle with fine motor, visual motor, emotional regulation, and sensory processing difficulties.
  • Music Therapy
  • A well-established technique that uses musical interactions to help an individual improve a specific function or set of functions. We take members through individual assessments and figure out what approach is best for them.

Behavioral Health (LBHS)

Providing professional and tailored care for both children and adults with behavioral and developmental disabilities.

  • Needs to Adapt
    Our residential services provide an alternative to hospitalization and out of state placement. Our unique transitional program offers Step-Up/Step-Down services that adapt to members’ individual needs.
  • All in One
    By providing a continuum of supports that work together we can effectively provide: timely short and long term placement options, individualized intense wrap around support services, and transitional planning that leads to member choice and inclusion in a least restrictive environment.
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Home & Community Based Services (HCBS)

Our In-Home program is uniquely tailored to help every member and family in the home environment.

  • In-Home Supports
    Supporting and providing Habilitation, Respite, and Attendant Care for our members within a casual environment, we provide experienced In-Home providers that are suited particularly to the needs of the individual.
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