Lexington Life Academy is excited to announce its new campus opening soon in Laveen, Arizona! The largest school amongst all Lexington schools, this new campus will be led by the same principal as the Phoenix-Maryvale campus, Daniel Hermosillo, and will incorporate all the enriching programs Lexington is known to provide. It also will bring much-needed services to an underserved community.

From early intervention to independent living, Lexington Life Academy provides educational services to individuals with autism to promote choice, dignity, and independence. Lexington provides distinguishable and reputable education using therapeutic and consulting services in evidence-based practice. 

Through transformative services in their autism school, behavior department, transition programs, therapy clinic, extracurricular activities, DDD services, and adult education programs, they can help those they serve to develop the skills to reach their full potential.

Taking a holistic approach to each individual attending their programs, each of the Maryvale campus’s distinct departments works as a team for the education and treatments of individuals with autism. This holistic approach will also be introduced at the South Mountain campus.

Offering a wide variety of up-to-date educational programs that meet our students’ individualized needs, we also maintain the Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards’ integrity. All students are assessed in our curriculum. Teachers progress, monitor, and track daily data to ensure your child is meeting their academic needs.

The academic program covers the rolling subject areas:

  • Language Arts Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Social Skills

Lexington South Mountain will also provide Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) services such as:

  • Adult Program – Day Treatment Adult (DTA)
  • After School Programming Day Treatment Training (DTT)
  • Summer Camp and Break Camps (DTS(T))
  • Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS)
  • Training and Therapies
  • Speech and Language Services
  • Transportation

Adult Program – Day Treatment Adult (DTA)

This program provides evidence-based learning experiences on campus and in the community for adults with special needs. It builds on each member’s individualized strengths, supporting the development and practice of social skills, independent living skills, safety skills, and engagement within integrated activities in the community “so they can” achieve great independence and live a meaningful and fulfilling life. 

After School Programming Day Treatment Training (DTT)

The After School Explorers program combines an Individual Service Plan, or ISP goal, learning with fun. Members in this program work on a craft, a learning activity, and participate in a sport daily., This program is generally four hours long, and transportation is available through a DDD approved TRF.

Summer Camp and Break Camps (DTS(T))

Participants in the Summer Explorer Adventure Camp complete a variety of activities centered on fun and socialization. Our staff works with members to achieve their ISP goals. Members participate in weekly field trips. Members have visited Legoland, museums, splash pads, the movies, and so much more.

Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS)

Lexington South Mountain will also provide HCBS. They will present a provider that will meet your needs. Their providers are trained to work with individuals with disabilities and provide services in the home or in the community.

Therapies and Training

Lexington Life Academy South Mountain aims to provide kids with a fun and safe space to grow by offering the most innovative treatments under our skilled speech, and occupational therapists’ guidance. 

To provide our clients with the highest level of care, Lexington staff will utilize technology, current research, and attend courses to further their knowledge and skills. Lexington also understands the importance families play in the therapeutic process and takes pride in providing family training to ensure the child’s carryover of newly developed skills.

Speech and Language Services

Speech-language pathologists offer private, individual speech therapy sessions tailored to meet your child’s specific needs. Lexington’s speech-language pathologists can provide therapy to children with speech/language delays, articulation problems, apraxia, oral motor skills, and autism spectrum disorders. 


Transportation is provided as part of the DDD services (must be qualified to participate). Transportation conflicts shouldn’t keep a child from their education. Lexington employs background-checked and tested drivers and always focuses on a safe ride to and from a destination.

The Lexington Life Academy South Mountain will be an excellent addition to our current schools available. For more information or to enroll for this campus, please email daniel@lexingtonlifeacademy.com or call (602) 671-6272.