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More Ways To Prepare Kids With ASD For The New School Year

More Ways To Prepare Kids With ASD For The New School Year

It seems like the summer just got here, but it’s already fading as the new school year starts at Lexington. Don’t despair! The new year means new goals to meet, new and old friendships to explore and new opportunities for Lexington to provide evidence-based education for students with ASD so they can achieve their new goals. Last year, we brought you 4 Ways To Prep Students With Autism For The New School Year and if you haven’t read that list, now is a great time to refresh on the information. Now we have compiled 5 more ways to prepare kids with ASD for the new school year with 5 new tips on getting ready for the full school year ahead. Do you have a specific question that you don’t see answered here? Feel free to contact us now with your questions and we hope you enjoy this list.

  • Set And Adjust Education And Transition Goals

The beginning of the year is the right time to revisit your education and transition plan. Not only because it’s a great way to prepare kids with ASD for the new school year, but it’s an opportunity to reconvene the transitional team and readjust your goals. Students with autism benefit from transitional goals that outline their progress through school and their goals for their post-education lives. One of the best ways you can get everyone on the same page and prepare kids with ASD for the new school year is by connecting with your educational plan team.

  • Support Your Child’s Social Circle

One of the most exciting things about going back to school for young students is the opportunity to see old friends and make some new ones. Parents and teachers can prepare kids with ASD for the new school year by supporting and encouraging social encounters with old and new friends. Does your child have a group of friends at school that they haven’t seen much of the summer? Get them ready for the school year by getting them excited to see their buddies. Does your child need to make friends at school? Sometimes it’s harder for kids with ASD to build social relationships, but direct discussion between students and teachers about what situations kids are most uncomfortable with can provide opportunities to make new friends.

  • Prepare A Student One-Page Profile.

One suggestion to prepare kids with ASD for the new school year is to create a one-page profile of your student that can be used as an introduction for new staff and teachers. This should be a summary that breaks down what your student likes and dislikes, what sensory issues they might struggle with and other things like that. This profile should also focus on what their strengths are and the areas in which they excel so staff and teachers can adjust their learning model to help your student excel. If you are visiting the school for the first time, this is a great time to hand out a profile to teachers and staff.

  • Get Some New Threads

Along with establishing a working and positive routine for both mornings and nights, another way that you can prepare students with ASD for the new school year is to make sure that their clothing will not distract them from learning. Kids with autism often have different tactile sensory preferences and you can help them concentrate by helping them find comfortable clothing. Make school shopping fun if you can in order to build excitement for the coming year.

  • Start The New Year Fresh

Every new school year is filled with new opportunity. A huge way that you can help kids with ASD prepare for the new school year is to remember that this is a new year. Shed the emotional, physical and mental baggage of a previous school year and focus on the growth that can and will happen this year. Together, teachers and parents can help prepare kids with ASD for the new school year by encouraging young students to see the opportunity that comes from a new educational chapter.

At Lexington Life Academy, each year is an opportunity for our students to connect with members and provide a comfortable, educational environment for them so they can grow and thrive as individuals. Lexington Life Academy is a school specifically designed for kids with autism that uses evidence-based practices and standards-based curriculum to support students on their learning journey. If your child struggles at their current school or you are looking for a better option for students with ASD, come take a tour at one of the Lexington Life Academy campuses. Call 480-900-1009 for more info or to set up your tour.

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