Have you been looking for a way to make a difference for students with autism in your community? There are an abundance of routes that you can take and lots of volunteer opportunities to help the autism community in your area. If you are serious about getting involved in a professional capacity, there are many resources available to help you pursue that path. However, if you want to get involved now, Lexington is excited to partner with staff, parents, friends and local businesses to make a difference this tax season in the lives of students with autism and displaced students across Arizona. For the first time, Lexington is proud to offer to cover the costs for individuals and families filing their taxes if they donate their tax liability to Lexington Education Foundation (LEF).

Free Tax Services?

That’s right! Every person that donates their tax liability to LEF can have the costs of preparing and filing their taxes fully paid for by Lexington Services! Don’t put yourself through the painstaking, mind numbing process of doing your own taxes and don’t go out and spend your hard earned money to get your taxes done. Lexington Services will pay for your tax filing this year and it’s free for you if you donate your tax liability to LEF.

How Does That Work?

All citizens of the state of Arizona have a tax liability or tax burden that must be paid to the state. The state collects these taxes from your payroll every paycheck and uses them for state costs, returning any surplus to you in the form of a tax refund. However, it is possible in Arizona to donate your determined tax liability to a school tuition organization (STO) like LEF and these non-profit STOs make it possible for displaced and disabled students to attend the best academic option for them through tuition scholarships. When you partner with Lexington, you get your taxes processed and filed for free, but all you are really doing is rerouting your tax liability from a general pool of collected taxes to LEF so they can make a difference for students in need across Arizona.

What Is Lexington Education Foundation?

Lexington Education Foundation is a non-profit School Tuition Organization in the state of Arizona. All donations that are contributed by LEF are processed and packaged into tuition scholarships that are awarded to disabled and displaced students across Arizona. These scholarships make a difference in so many lives because they give students who are traditionally underserved in public education the opportunity to attend institutions like Lexington Life Academy that have proper facilities and staff that aid these students in their academic and personal growth. LEF builds connections for these students whose families demonstrate need. The costs of raising a child with special needs are staggering and tuition shouldn’t keep a child from achieving their academic dreams.

Who Does It Help?

LEF helps students in our community and across Arizona with special needs. LEF gives scholarships to those in Arizona demonstrate the need for tuition assistance. They make a difference in many different school communities like Lexington Life Academy, among many others. Perhaps you know some of the students that LEF has graciously helped within your community.

  • Sean Karle – Sean is a wonderful young man who has been at Lexington Life Academy for several years. He enjoys the stimulating environment that LLA offers because the diverse programs offer Sean the access to the tools he needs for success and growth! He works hard each day and encourages his classmates when they are behind or struggling. He always greets everyone with a warm smile everyday! Sean’s teacher’s love having him in class and look forward to his continued growth and development!
  • AJ Karle – AJ Karle is a 3rd grade student in Mr. Ken’s class at Lexington Life Academy in Ellsworth. He has shown so much success socially and academically throughout the years. AJ works hard every day and especially excels in math across all areas. The consistent schedule structure mixed with the free form of flexible seating and enrichment opportunities in Mr. Ken’s class at Lexington Life Academy helps AJ develop his creativity, have fun and grow intellectually. When he is finished with his work, he is always eager to help his peers when they need it. When asked about AJ, Mr. Ken has said, “It has been a pleasure to have AJ in class, and it will be bittersweet to see him move on to the next level of learning beyond my classroom.”
  • Akemi Wilson – Akemi has been attending Lexington Life Academy at Show Low Campus for a few years and has made great progress socially and academically. He thrives on a set schedule and loves to do his school work. Since he has been given the accommodations and one-on-one attention, he has blossomed. He puts forth his best effort always when it comes to being at school. Akemi’s teacher loves having him and enjoys his enthusiasm to learn.
  • Angelina Lewis – Angelina’s social skills have begun to grow since she started attending Lexington Life Academy at Show Low Campus! Watching her interaction with her classmates, One can see her desire to help and nurture. Angelina has come a long way in accepting and following routines and has reached the point of checking her own schedule with minimal or no prompting whatsoever! She knows right where to go next. Angelina is such a beautiful person and we love having her in our school!

Every year STOs like LEF make a difference for students with autism across Arizona.

How Do I Donate?

If you want to receive free tax preparation and filing from Lexington Services, all you need to do is contact our CPA! Remember:

  • You must have Arizona tax liability


  • You must donate your tax liability to LEF

Contact Chris Brimhall now at 928-892-8197 or send an email to cbrimhall@the-bookkeepers.com to start the process and tell him you are with Lexington Services. Make a difference in the lives of students with autism. Do you still have some questions about getting your taxes filed at no cost? Feel free to contact our staff with any questions you might have.