Lexington Services is a one-stop shop for all the services your special needs child will require, including therapies, after-school care and adult programs. Explore this list of amazing videos that will give you a glimpse into our highly professional yet fun offerings.


Lexington Services provides pick-up and drop-off transportation services for its members and staff. Students are taken to activity programs and field trips in these vans, and they have a lot of fun riding with their peers! There are currently 60 Lexington vans operating in the Mesa, Arizona area. Don’t forget to wave when you see one passing by!


Extensive therapy services are a very important part of education at Lexington. Occupational therapy is aimed towards improving gross and fine motor skills and bilateral coordination. Speech therapy teaches receptive and communicative expression. And music therapy is an engaging and entertaining way to help students socialize, work on rhythm and follow directions.

Protection against the coronavirus

Lexington Services is open once again to members and families! We cannot mask how excited we are to welcome you back! To keep our staff and families safe in these times, rigorous cleaning measures are implemented for the classrooms and playgrounds, and staff and visitors who walk through the doors have their temperature taken and are required to wear masks. Students are also offered in-person and virtual programming alongside hybrid education options.

Creative hand-on projects

We engage students in creative and interactive opportunities to improve fine motor skills and work on hand-eye coordination! Check out this video to see the amazing details that went into these cardboard house projects. The beautiful red-roofed American dream house, the farmhouse and the bathroom in the dollhouse will blow your mind! The pencil-puncture challenge was another fun project anyone can try at home!

Campus tour

In this video, Principal Justin Gilmore will take you around this K-12 autism school that not only helps students transition to life after high school but that also offers specials like drama, art and cooking. The individualized curriculum also includes speech and occupational therapy. In the life skills classroom, students learn basic functions like tying shoes and brushing teeth. The high school class trains students to find employment or graduate to a further program with purpose.

Our unique learning system teaches reading, writing, science and social studies. Take a glimpse into the different classrooms that engage students in socializing through reading novels, math, money counting and board games. The cherry on top is a redesigned backyard with brand new turf, basketball court, shaded seating area, soccer field and a walking track!

Sensory painting

Get your pool noodles, sponge brushes and paint bottles to splurge on an engaging artistic venture that offers tremendous sensory satisfaction! These activities are favorites among students, who feel “you get to express yourself and show what you can do.”

Christmas in July

Working hard in preparation for weeks, the kids put up an amazing show of Christmas in July for their friends and family. Those who weren’t comfortable coming out to perform before the audience used the shadow method from behind the screen to make for an all-inclusive, celebratory event of smiles and laughter.

Provider spotlight

Watch provider Linda Mostue talk about Lexington Services’ adult program and how she makes a difference in members’ lives by engaging in fun activities and helping them become more self-sufficient.

Field trip

Watch students go out for the first time to Phoenix Public Library where they not only explore books but also a sensory table and a recording studio for playing instruments.

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