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Lexington Services is proud to offer in-home care in Arizona, through Home & Community-Based Services (HCBS). Our in-home care program is uniquely tailored to help every member of your family in the home environment. Through habilitation, respite, and attendant care, our members are experienced in-home care providers who are trained to meet your loved one’s needs and are dedicated to helping them meet developmental milestones.


Lexington Services fulfills our commitment to your family by providing an exceptional, skilled, and compassionate in-home care provider uniquely suited for your family’s needs. We understand that just as every person is uniquely their own, every family has its own dynamic, and we strive to provide care that seamlessly fits into your family’s everyday life, all in the comfort of your home.

Our current offerings for in-home care in Arizona, include:


Habilitation care teaches individuals living with disabilities how to increase their level of independence. This includes caring for people with autism or cerebral palsy and children or adults with intellectual and/or physical disabilities. Habilitation is meant to be short-term. The ultimate goal is to teach our members how to take care of themselves. Depending on the individual and their circumstances, the level of necessary habilitation services required will vary.

Typically, habilitation services are broad depending on what exactly our members need help with. Here are some goals that fall under habilitation services:

  • Learning how to make independent choices
  • Improving adaptability
  • Maintaining life quality now and in the future
  • Adjusting and reducing dependence

Through habilitation services, your loved one can learn or improve skills and functions for the first time and hold on to basic skills and functions needed, improving their quality of life.


Respite care provides personal time for families while providing the appropriate care and supervision to individuals living with disabilities in the comfort of their own homes. Caregivers will have the time to rest and renew the physical and mental energy that they deserve. With the convenience of respite child care taking place in the home, it is a great option for families who need temporary relief.

Respite care is a crucial service to help caregivers avoid burnout, a decline in mental health, and reduce stress levels. Everyone needs and deserves a break at some point, no matter what their role is. Caring for someone with special needs can be difficult, and by acknowledging this and accepting help, your whole family will benefit from this newfound stability and balance. Respite care additionally assists with socialization skills necessary in life by helping your child to cultivate stronger relationships with others.


Attendant Care assists differently-abled individuals with self-help skills, including bathing, eating, meal preparation, going to the bathroom, transportation, and mobility. Attendant care services are tailored to the member’s needs and are flexible, ranging from sporadic care throughout the day to 24-hour care. The state and a medical provider can assist in determining what level of care is necessary for the member. In addition to personal and hygienic care, attendant care supports independence in the person as a whole and in a wide variety of settings, including:

  • Participation – joining in community activities
  • Physical Assistance- with daily activities
  • Mobility – moving and getting around, within or outside of the home.

Usually, attendant care services assist people living with disabilities in carrying out routine activities such as grooming, bathing, meal preparation, mealtime, getting dressed, toileting, and more. A broader range of attendant care services is available for when an individual is living with severe physical or cognitive disability or injury. In this care, care may look a bit different and include further services that can be determined based on need and the advice of your medical provider.


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In-home care in AZ has never been more readily accessible. At Lexington Services, our staff of highly trained, skilled, and compassionate professionals is equipped to support you in your in-home care journey. Visit our website to learn more about the wide range of services we offer to children and adults living with disabilities or give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you and providing your loved ones with the care they deserve.