Habilitation Services


Habilitation services are a health care service to help a person learn, keep, or improve skills and functioning required for everyday life activities. Habilitation services are different from rehabilitation. While rehabilitation teaches someone how to recover skills they once had, habilitation teaches skills that were not possessed beforehand, as you are doing it for the first time. Our services will help your loved ones learn and accomplish independent living tasks.


Skills that are taught in habilitation include learning to develop basic independence skills like how to bathe, cook, and much more. The Habilitation Services help our members in finding, retaining, and growing self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills that are necessary for them to live successfully in home and the community.

The services include the provision of training in independent living skills or special developmental skills, orientation and mobility training, sensorimotor development, and behavioral management. Habilitation services exist and are effective in helping the following groups of people:

  • People with autism
  • People with cerebral palsy
  • Children or adults with intellectual and/or physical disabilities

Depending on the disability and other factors, independence skills may be delayed. Habilitation services help individuals living with disabilities to initially establish these skills and functions because such everyday skills were never initially acquired on an age-appropriate level.


Individuals might qualify for habilitation services if they were unable to basic independent skill development due to a disability, whether it is physical or intellectual. Any individual with a qualifying diagnosis, who is approved for state services (DDD), can be assessed and provided Habilitation services. We have other resources, private pay, for those families who do not qualify with DDD. Our habilitation services include teaching broad skills that pertain to daily activities like brushing teeth, tying shoes, or even making a snack.


Depending on the individual, the range of necessary services for someone who requires habilitation services may vary. Delivery of habilitation services occurs in the member’s home setting. Habilitation services are centered around developing self-help, independence, self-reliance.

Think of it as what a parent does for a young child—for example, teaching how to do laundry, how to make a meal, or helping with dressing or bathing if need be. The services will be tailored to what the member needs help with to go about their daily life.

Through these healthcare services, your loved one can learn new skills and functions for the first time and hold on to basic skills and functions needed in daily life.


The benefits of habilitation services include improved independence skills, which reduce developmental delays for children living with developmental disabilities. We aim to help our members achieve goals like:

  • Learn how to make their own choices
  • To improve adaptive skills
  • To learn how to maintain life quality and, if possible, be on their own in the future
  • To adjust and reduce dependence

The ultimate goal of habilitation services is to teach our members how to live on their own or as independently as possible, without our help. The services are typically short-term because the member learns to take care of themselves.


What are habilitation services going to do for you and your family overall? Lexington Services habilitation services are beneficial and essential to those living with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. Our skilled and compassionate care providers will help your loved one build their daily living and social skills. In addition to this, habilitation services help to train family members in caring for the individual living with disabilities as well.
Give us a call or visit our website today to learn more about what options we proudly offer at Lexington Services. Through our various available programs and care options, we know we can help you find the right fit for your needs and the needs of your loved one living with different abilities. We look forward to the opportunity to help build and maintain a better quality of life for your family.


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