Giving Tuesday is the world’s largest giving movement. It was created in 2012 with the simple idea of dedicating a day, typically the Tuesday after the U.S Thanksgiving holiday, to encourage people to do good. Over the past years, Giving Tuesday has become a global movement that inspires people to celebrate generosity by donating to charitable causes and nonprofit organizations.

During this crazy time, Giving Tuesday is a sweet reminder to humanity to connect to its softer, more selfless side, and the Lexington Education Foundation is an enthusiastic participant.

How successful is Giving Tuesday?

Since its inception, it has generally enjoyed a positive reception from big-name companies. It has received immense mainstream media coverage and has been viewed as one of the most altruistic ventures to date.

In 2016, Giving Tuesday broke a record by collecting $168 million in charitable donations worldwide, exceeding the 2015 figures by 44%.

Lexington Education Foundation is a participant in 2020 Giving Tuesday

This year, Giving Tuesday is on December 1, but we are extending our Giving Tuesday starting from Tuesday, November 24th through December 1st.

At Lexington Services, we care deeply about our community and our nonprofit organization. Lexington Education Foundation (LEF) is pleased to participate in this global movement.

We will be carrying out this campaign through an online fundraiser making it simple for anyone to participate. We will be using the platform Fundly for our donations. Through the power of social media, our event can be popularized and shared between friends and family. Make sure your social media posts include your donation link so others can donate from your post and can share it on their social media pages.

Lexington Education Foundation is a state-certified school tuition organization (STO). Our mission is to provide for the educational future of students in Arizona by connecting them and their families with tuition assistance that enables them to attend the schools that are right for them. The foundation partners with multiple schools across the state of Arizona.

In addition, Lexington Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization that supports the goals of our Lexington community in providing much needed funding for new technology and activities for programs in our classrooms.

LEF’s fundraising goals for Giving Tuesday

These are the objectives LEF has set for this year’s day of giving:

  • Raise a minimum of $10,000 in total; schools keep the money they raise.
  • Have 100 Lexington employees raise at least $100 each.
  • Lexington’s donations will be matched up to $5,000
  • Money can be used for new supplies, equipment, and computers for Lexington.

Stay tuned for more details. Meanwhile, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to learn more.

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