Founded in 2012, Lexington Services has always been rooted in passion and service. Local Mesa resident and entrepreneur, Harrison Rogers decided to start Lexington with the simple goal of improving the quality of life for his sister with autism. Driven by his vision of a venue for her to learn and excel through understanding her autism, Harrison created a place for people who learn differently. Lexington was designed to provide a better quality of life for individuals and continue to operate based upon that goal today.

Lexington continues to expand on how we empower individuals with special needs to thrive and reach their goals. We have added many new locations and new services, but Lexington remains committed to the service and quality of life of our members and students every day.

Lexington provides four main services: Life Academy Pre-K -12, Learning Center, Behavioral Health Services, and Therapy Services. Each service aims to accomplish specific goals and skills as needed by each member. 

Lexington Life Academy Pre-K – 12

Lexington Services is proud to offer Lexington Life Academy an education option for students with autism. Our focus is to create the best quality of life possible for our students.

We have multiple school locations for children with autism providing academics and a variety of life skills. This is accomplished through evidenced-based practices, structured learning, standards-based curriculum, sensory integration, and behavior modification.

From early intervention to independent living, Lexington Life Academy provides Pre-K-12 education; services to individuals with autism to promote choice, dignity, and independence. We provide distinguishable and reputable education using therapeutic and consulting services in evidence-based practice.

We care for children, protect their welfare, prepare them for the future, and the most critical issues they face during their lifetime.

Learning Center

Lexington Learning Center is a one-stop-shop for you and your family members. We offer center-based services committed to empowering individuals with disabilities to achieve their maximum potential. Through continuous education, training, member evaluations, and customized options, we can best fit each individual’s needs.

Lexington Learning Center believes in enhancing the potential of individuals with disabilities, enriching their lives so they can reach their full potential. We are committed to providing the best service possible to families, workers, and members. Every member is paired with a skilled, compassionate caregiver. Each caregiver is uniquely suited for that member and their family. 

Through continued education, customized service, and member evaluation, Lexington Learning Center seeks to empower individuals with developmental disabilities. We provide a range of services that help both children and adults to reach their maximum potential, including adult care, after-school programs, summer programs, and more.

With the support Lexington Learning Center provides, we can work together with families to help individuals grow to their full potential.

DDD Services

Lexington Services is a trusted Arizona Department of Developmental Disabilities or DDD Services provider through the Lexington Learning Center. We work with children on many stages of the autism scale, those with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, Down Syndrome, and other developmental disabilities or combinations of disorders. Here, your child is with friends and treated like family.

Lexington Learning Center’s staff cares for your child as if they were their own. Educators work with your child to provide a limited curriculum based on their abilities. Educators and paraprofessionals focus on the life and behavioral skills your child needs to make their lives with a developmental disability more manageable.

Home & Community-Based Services (HCBS)

Our In-Home program is uniquely tailored to help every member and family in the home environment. Supporting and providing Habilitation, Respite, and Attendant Care for our members within a casual atmosphere, we provide experienced In-Home providers suited to the individual’s needs. Our providers are trained to meet your child’s needs and are dedicated to achieving their critical developmental milestones. We fulfill that commitment by providing each member with a caregiver who is exceptional, compassionate, skilled, and uniquely suited for the member and their family.

  • Habilitation
    • Habilitation supports members to develop new skills that increase their level of independence.
  • Respite
    • Respite provides personal time for families while giving the appropriate care and supervision to members in a casual environment.
  • Attendant Care
    • Attendant Care assists members with self-help skills such as bathing, eating, meal preparation, and mobility.

Attendant Care

Behavioral Health (LBHS)

Lexington provides center-based services committed to empowering individuals with disabilities to achieve their maximum potential. Through continuous education, training, member evaluations, and customized options, we can best fit each individual’s needs.

  • Needs to Adapt & Transition Planning
    • Our residential services provide an alternative to hospitalization and out of state placement. Our unique transitional program offers Step-Up/Step-Down services that adapt to members’ individual needs.
  • All in One
    • Providing a continuum of supports that work together, we can effectively offer convenient short and long-term placement options, individualized intense wrap-around support services, and transitional planning that leads to member choice and inclusion in the least restrictive environment.

Therapy Services

Lexington endeavors to offer therapies that improve the quality of life and enhance skills for our members. Lexington provides the following in-clinic therapy programs based upon availability:

  • Occupational Therapy(OT)/SpeechTherapies
    • Pediatric occupational therapy focuses on helping children develop the skills needed to gain independence while increasing fine motor skills, sensory-motor skills, and visual-motor skills.
    • Pediatric speech therapy treats communication disorders, both in expressive and receptive language, that cause children to have difficulty with verbal communication. Our therapists work with children on speech, receptive language, and explicit language.
  • Music
    • Music therapy is a well-established technique that uses musical interactions to improve a specific function or set of functions. Our music therapy programs take members through individual assessments and figure out what approach is best for them.
  • Teletherapy
    • Teletherapy allows clients to stay home and make sure their child does not fall behind or regress in their learning. It is an excellent alternative for parents who are not comfortable with in-person visits to Lexington just yet.

Independent Living Arrangement (IDLA)

When a member enrolls in the IDLA program through Lexington Services, the team prepares them to live independently. While generally it is assumed that members and their families will find their own living arrangements, it’s sometimes possible for the Lexington team to help people find the perfect place for them to live. 

When individuals start the program, they will be assigned a caring and capable provider who will spend a lot of time with them at home and gradually reduce the time they spend at home to live independently in their own arrangements.

When a member moves into their own living space, IDLA providers will work with members in their homes to help them manage the responsibilities of living alone. These include anything from cleaning, social skills, and shopping to maintaining a budget. Providers may also help with habilitation for individuals who need cleaning, cooking, and hygiene maintenance. Members are encouraged to get involved in a day/ work program, and providers even help members develop necessary job skills.

The program’s goal is for the least amount of intervention to allow members to enjoy their independence and freedom.

Lexington Education Foundation

The Lexington Education Foundation (LEF) is a 501(c)3 organization that supports our Lexington community’s goals in providing much-needed funding for new technology and activities for programs in our classrooms.

LEF is a state-certified school tuition organization (STO). Our mission is to provide for the educational future of students in Arizona by connecting them and their families with tuition assistance that enables them to attend the schools that are right for them. The foundation partners with multiple schools across the state of Arizona. 

Every part of Lexington is important to the others and we are happy to provide the services needed for your child. Each location may vary on what services they provide. Be sure to check out our website to learn more about our different locations and the different services we provide at each.



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