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Developing Work Skills To Start A Business

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There are a number of avenues available for work for people with disabilities. One that isn’t discussed often is a personal business. Starting a business can be liberating because if a person has an idea and the funding, anyone can start a business. People have often asked, “what kind of a business can a person with disabilities start?” The truth is that if the ingenuity, creativity and drive exists, anyone can follow their dreams and start a business. Lexington actively works with people with disabilities to help develop existing career and work skills or to teach those skills for the first time. Independence is something that every person deserves. To continue supporting the growth of disability friendly businesses, Lexington wanted to shine a light on what it takes for a person with a disability to start the business of their dreams and how Lexington can help people develop the work skills they need to pursue that avenue or to work for a reputable program that’s perfect for them.

Entrepreneurship And Disabilities

While there are a great number of businesses that have amazing disability support programs, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities continues to be almost double that of their peers. This means that many people that have the work skills for the right job are not finding the work that they deserve. However, there are many people that have found working from home or working for themselves has allowed them to be steadily employed with the right equipment that they need to perform their duties in a comfortable environment. If a person is passionate and finds a calling, plus a tug from that sense of entrepreneurship, they can write their own checks, literally and figuratively.

Businesses That Inspire

Across the internet there are tons of lists of businesses that were started by people with disabilities or inspired by people that have disabilities and that provide a place people to work. For example, Collette Divvitto in Massachusetts wouldn’t let the fact that she was turned down or never called back after many Boston interviews. Instead, she trusted her skills and followed her passions, creating Collettey’s, which is changing the world one cookie at a time. And John Lee Cronin’s desire to spread happiness, plus his love for crazy socks, led to the creation of John’s Crazy Socks. People that refuse to be tied down by the doubts of others are always the ones that get to pursue their dreams. Anyone can find a place where they fit with the right support, even if that place is somewhere that someone has to create.

Developing A Working Skill Set

No matter whether the plan is to start a business or take a position at a welcoming company, there are a number of work skills that every person needs to develop. For people with disabilities, there are also a number of rules, laws, benefits and funding factors that must be considered before joining the workforce. That’s where Lexington can help to support people as they transition into a career. Lexington can help you or a loved one conquer the hurdles that need to be conquered and get the work skills needed to establish a perfect position. Want to learn more? Call 480-900-1009 for more information.