Attendant Care Services


Lexington Services offers attendant care services for individuals living with all cognitive and physical disabilities, helping them perform the everyday tasks one would normally perform, if not for their disability. Such tasks and self-help skills that can be assisted with include bathing, laundry, transportation, eating, meal preparation and cooking, mobility, and using the bathroom. Lexington Services provides top-of-the-line care, so reach out today if your loved one’s needs require attendant care services!


At Lexington, our attendant care services AZ providers assist the person living with disabilities to perform their day-to-day tasks in the comfort of their home environment. We also help our members with transportation around their community if need be. Attendant care services are tailored to your needs and can range anywhere from sporadic care throughout the day to 24-hour care for people living with especially severe disabilities. Ask your loved one’s medical provider if this kind of assistance is necessary and to what degree. Then, get approval from the state.

In addition to personal and hygienic care, providers support independence in the person as a whole and a wide variety of settings, including:

  • Participation – joining in community activities
  • Physical Assistance- with daily activities
  • Mobility – moving and getting around, within or outside of the home


We recommend gaining state approval for the most cost-effective route. First, the state will determine the need for attendant care services by assessing the individual and adding which care is needed to a planning document. Once approved, you can pick Lexington as a vendor for attendant care services in AZ. Although we offer private pay, it can be high-priced, so going through the state is the best first option.

Either the individual will need assistance performing these tasks, or the tasks will need to be performed for them entirely. At Lexington Services, our highly qualified in-home care providers assist with essential and regular personal care needs with compassion, kindness, and skill.


Typically, attendant care services assist people living with disabilities to carry out routine activities such as grooming, transportation, bathing, mealtime, dressing, toileting, and various other personal or hygienic needs. On the other hand, a broader form of attendant care services can apply when an individual is living with severe physical or cognitive disability or injury. At Lexington Services, our attendant care service providers AZ are fully equipped to assist on all of these levels of need.


Once you and your family have decided to enroll in attendant care services at the recommendation of your loved one’s medical provider, you may wonder whether Lexington Services is right for you. At Lexington Services, we want to find the right provider for your family’s needs, so we are willing to cater to personal preferences, such as whether you would prefer a male or female provider. We additionally want to work within your desired time frame; whether your loved one requires all day care, on weekends only, or while you are working, we have you covered.
Our attendant care services AZ providers are extensively skilled and compassionate in their care. Additionally, all staff are trained, have First Aid/CPR, Article 9, and Fingerprint Clearance cards. Through our DDD-funded options, you can design in-home attendant care that is personalized to you and your family’s needs. Give us a call or visit our website today to learn more and begin the care journey your loved one deserves. We look forward to meeting you!


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