At Lexington Life Academy, we value the educators and staff that make what we do at Lexington possible for our members so they can excel toward their goals. Over the last few years, Arizona has been a sounding board for teacher issues and the problems that educators face. Collectively as a state, we have entered into a dialogue about what teachers need to increase our educational standards and the quality of life for Arizona students. Lexington teachers are unique and they work with exceptional students in distinct teaching environments, but they are still Arizona educators and deserve our support. As such, Lexington is proud to announce that we are rolling out a new Teacher Appreciation campaign for the 2019/2020 school year!

What Is The Teacher Appreciation Initiative?

For our Teacher Appreciation campaign, Lexington will be recognizing one teacher every other week and highlighting their efforts with our members. Each teacher will be recognized on our social media platforms and there will also be a special video dedicated to each teacher. All of these posts will culminate in a grand celebration for all the teachers and staff at Lexington on national Teacher Appreciation Day in May!

Why Is Lexington Doing This?

Lexington is putting together this Teacher Appreciation campaign because our teachers have a direct impact on the lives of our members. All of our Lexington teachers say that the most significant moments all begin with little victories in Lexington classrooms. We want to keep seeing these little victories for our members, so this recognition is warranted.

Now we need your help! Look out for our special teacher posts over the next 9 months and make sure to make these teachers feel special when you see these teacher appreciation posts. Like them, share them and comment on them and let’s appreciate our educators together!