Day Treatment for Adults


At Lexington Services, we offer adult special needs programs catered to differently-abled people. Our in-center adult program offers superior care to adults with special needs living in or around Mesa. Our Adult Day Treatment Program, or DTA, was created to provide members ages 18 and older with a welcoming and kind environment that encourages social skills, group activities, and practical learning.


If you or a loved one has never seen adult special needs programs in action, you may be wondering what a day in the Adult Day Treatment program looks like for our members. Our DTA program, funded by the DDD (Division of Developmental Disabilities), is filled with various activities to not only help develop independent living but help to increase socialization skills and quality of life for participants as well.

Here are some activities that take place during the day at the DTA program:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Nature walks
  • Cooking and nutrition
  • Science experiments
  • Money skill and goals
  • Field trips Exercise
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Life skills
  • Social skills
Through these various activities and outings, our members can learn new skills while having a great time! These skills include socialization, independent living, self-care, communication, and building relationships. Our kind and welcoming environment is an ideal setting to make new friends that will feel like a family. Our unique, community-integrated program, combined with a focus on growth and goals for the individual, makes for an ideal, safe place for your loved one.


To even better help your loved ones reach their goals, we understand that our program must be made accessible to people of all needs. We provide accessibility by offering transportation, based on location and availability, to and from our DTA program center. In addition to this benefit, all of our staff members are highly skilled and trained professionals. Their credentials include additional training in CPR, First Aid, Article 9, Prevention Support, and Fingerprint Clearance to ensure absolute safety and care.


The ACS, or American Community Survey, estimated that at least 13% of people in the U.S. are living with disabilities. The most common disabilities involve mobility and motor function, and many of the adults in this group are living with developmental disabilities as well. Up to 64% of these individuals are unemployed or underemployed. Lexington Services believes in and supports the importance of adult special needs programs. The statistics recorded by the ACS show a need for adult special needs programs to support their quality of life and boost their skills so people living with disabilities can pursue the same opportunities as their peers. At Lexington services, we believe that this community needs more safe and welcoming places to grow, and we are happy to be part of this support system. The main goal of programs like our Adult Day Treatment Program is to pave the way for individuals to channel, harness, and maintain their own success. By fostering a safe and supportive community through our adult special needs programs at the DTA, achieving this success is at your fingertips. Adults living with developmental disabilities in our community need and deserve support from their neighbors to join the workforce, go to college, pursue their hobbies and dreams, and ultimately enjoy a better quality of life.


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Adult special needs programs are vital because they serve a portion of our population that tends to get forgotten or marginalized. Lexington Services offers programs that are inviting, fun, and truly help members to expand their skills and level of independence. Our compassionate, skilled staff is passionate about the work they do. Our team engages members with a variety of activities in our center and in the community to help members reach their goals. Give us a call or visit our website to learn more and join one of our adult special needs programs today!