At Lexington, we pride ourselves in our ability to grow and change as a company to support our members so they can meet their goals. We strive every year to improve on ourselves individually and to improve the practices that we have put in place as a company. Our goal is to support and care for every member in our programs so they can harness their own power, intelligence, and independence. We grow together. As the new year approaches, we have set new goals for ourselves and begun the process, unifying our staff of teachers, providers, caregivers, administrators, and every member of the Lexington staff around one idea: So They Can.

So They Can

So they can is a simple three word reminder of why we do the things that we do. Why does our staff take the extra steps necessary to provide for the safety and well being of our members? So they can grow and thrive. Why do our educators take extra time out of their lives to craft curriculum or our therapists research new evidenced-based practices to apply in the treatment and advancement of skills and aptitude of each member they work with? So they can realize their potential and work toward their own independence. Basing every choice and action on this slogan will ground us in a unified vision of prosperity for every life we touch.

New Changes On The Way

You will notice some new things on our campuses and in our classrooms, or maybe even on the Valley streets that will make you turn your head. For example, you will notice that over every single classroom or careroom door across our facilities, there will be a “So They Can” decal. All staff will be mindful of every action they make as it relates to our new slogan.

In the streets, you will see something we are really excited about: new van wraps! Our vans will be rewrapped to reflect our new vision and direction. Keep an eye out for them around the city and in your neighborhoods!

We have many changes that are being implemented behind the scenes that we must wait to discuss, but parents and caregivers can rest assured that every measure is being taken to ensure the continued development of our members and the facilities, staff and events that support them so they can succeed. We are excited to let you in on the secrets, particularly with some of our upcoming events this year!

Perhaps you have spent some time on the website, checked out our Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. If you have not, you have been missing out on a wealth of great content, awesome pictures, fun videos, and revitalizing information. Are you aware that we have a youtube channel and a dedicated blog? These resources are available for our members, parents and staff so they can stay informed about everything going on at Lexington day by day.

A Wonderful Year.

Thank you to everyone who dedicated their time, resources, expertise and care in the past year. Lexington has climbed so far and we will continue to grow and change to support our members so they can receive every bit of the support that they need. While 2018 was a great year for us here, we are looking forward to all the opportunities that 2019 has to offer!

Happy New Year Everyone!