Summertimes in Arizona can be brutal and no one likes dealing with the warmth, but for kids with sensory reactivity and limitations, summer can be a difficult time to deal with. Some kids love the heat and some kids might find the heat to be torturous, especially during the middle of the summer, when temperatures soar up above 110 °F. If you need to find a way to beat the heat this summer, you can look to this list of methods that we use at Lexington to keep cool.

1. Dress In Cool Clothing

Kids with ASD often have clothes and fabrics that they prefer because they don’t trigger any sensory reactivity, but during the summer, certain fabrics just aren’t practical. One of the best ways you can beat the heat as a parent of a child with autism is to select light, summer-friendly fabric that your child feels comfortable in. Some parents suggest cotton, while others even suggest wearing bamboo fabric during the hot months. Make sure that the clothing isn’t too dark and never black because darker tones attract the sun.

2. Frozen Foods!

Nothing can beat the heat during a hot summer like a nice cold popsicle! Keep frozen treats on hand during the summer to keep cool. Obvious favorites are popsicles, flavored ice pops and ice cream, but you can also freeze yogurt tubes and even fruit like strawberries for a nice cool treat.

3. Blackout Curtains or Blinds

In the valley during the summer, direct sunlight can really warm up a room quickly, even with blinds in place, so investing in black out curtains is another way to beat the heat this summer. If you’re the person who really likes bright light in their house, you can compromise and have open windows in common areas of the home, while blacking out the family bedrooms to keep your loved ones cool while they try to sleep.

4. Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is absolutely necessary to the human body and when you live in a desert climate city like Phoenix, not drinking enough water can be detrimental to your health or the health of your child. Some studies have suggested that you need to drink as many as 30 cups of water if you’re a full grown man participating in moderate outdoor activity in the Phoenix area! Think about what that means for children. Kids need to drink plenty of water in order to stay hydrated and beat the heat.

5. Water Activities

Pools and water activities are a summer favorite for kids as a way to beat the heat! However, pool safety and water safety is vital for parents and family members of children and even adults with autism. Autism speaks has a great water safety guide for parents that have questions, but the most important thing for you as a parent is to keep a close eye on kids in the pool. Even 2 seconds looking down at your phone or away from your child could prove dangerous or even fatal. It doesn’t have to be dangerous. This activity just requires a little close attention on your part. Pools can be an especially fun option if you join your child in play in the water!

For parents that are worried about the danger that a pool presents for young people with ASD, you can still get out and beat the heat in the water without the danger by heading to one of the Valley’s many splash pads! These are great alternatives to pools because they get you wet without the same drowning danger that can happen in a swimming pool.

6. Hang Out Indoors

If you are itching to get out of the house with your young ones, but don’t want to subject yourself to the crippling temps, there are plenty of activities to get into where the AC is cool and your kids can have fun while they beat the heat. Our Lexington endorsed suggestions would be to check out the wacky world at the Phoenix Children’s Museum, get your bounce on at BounceU, or take a trip under the water at the Odysea Aquarium.

There are plenty of ways to beat the heat around the Valley of the Sun. Before you know it, the summer will be coming to a close, temps will drop and kids will be heading back to school! If you are looking for a new school for your child with autism, contact Lexington and schedule your tour before classes start. Call 480-900-1009 today!