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5 Sensory-Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas

The fall is in full swing and it’s time for the spookiest month of the year again! Kids and adults alike look forward to this time of year because of the festive nature of the harvest season, the opportunity to dress up and assume a different identity and a time to get that sweet, sweet candy on Halloween. More and more retailers are creating sensory-friendly halloween costumes for kids with autism and there are now more offerings for kids with disabilities so they can partake in the fun as well. It’s time to start looking for costumes now to build some excitement and give kids the opportunity to get used to their costumes. As Lexington did last year, we’ve compiled a new list of some great sensory-friendly halloween costumes that anyone can wear for this fun season!

Costume Hoodies and Sweatshirt

Here is a popular and easy way to dress up as favorite characters like Spider-Man or Pikachu without having to put on a cumbersome and uncomfortable costume. Character hoodies and sweatshirts can be bought at local retailers. For a fun family event, make costume hoodies at home for this halloween season. Glue or sew material under the arms and on the back to make a bat costume or spikes down the back of a green sweatshirt to make a lizard or dinosaur. Take a white hoodie and turn it into a zebra or snow leopard costume with a sharpie or paint. You can make a great sweatshirt costume at home with relative ease. There is a downside though: unlike the other sensory-friendly halloween costumes on this list, it’s not very practical for trick-or-treating in hot weather states such as Arizona, where it can be well over 100 even during October.

Hooded Robes and Themed Robes

Robes are great because they can be donned easily and removed just as quickly if they cause discomfort so they are perfect as a sensory-friendly halloween outfit. You can customize them yourself, just like the costume hoodies, or look for kids robes in the store like this dragon. This isn’t just for kids either. There are plenty of costumes in the bathrobe flavor for adults as well.

Pajama Costumes

Parents love a solution that has a use for the other 365 days a year! What’s better than a costume you can only wear one time on one night a year? A costume that you get to wear to bed every night with your favorite character on it! Pajamas are often made of soft material, usually without uncomfortable seems or unnecessary tags, making them perfect as sensory-friendly Halloween costumes. Check out Amazon to find hits like Batman or others like this perfect bunny costume.

Freedom With A Cardboard Box

Sensory issues can force parents and caregivers to get a little creative. Sometimes, you just gotta use the tried and true medium for imagination: the cardboard box. With simple suspenders or straps, some tape or glue, some markers and some imagination, you can turn your little one into a rocket ship or the captain of a submarine. Maybe even go as Steve from Minecraft, our personal favorite. For some other great ideas, check out this buzzfeed thread.

Wheelchair Adaptive Costumes

One of the coolest trends we are seeing from retailers this year is the roll out of wheelchair adaptive costumes from places such as Target and Spirit Halloween, guaranteeing that kids who are in a wheelchair are able to participate in the festivities with their friends and get the same admiration and happiness from a fun costume. Kids can be anything from an Ice Cream Truck driver to a Pirate Ship. Also of note, there are costumes that are specifically meant for kids in wheelchairs that have an easy opening in the back so it’s easier to get in and out of for people that use a wheelchair.

Halloween is a great time of the year and it’s always the sign of the coming of winter and the winter holiday season. At Lexington, we want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to participate with things like sensory-friendly halloween costumes and activities that are fun and safe for kids with special needs. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram to see anything else that Lexington is involved in for the spooky season.

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